After working out on the heavy bag i get bad tendonitis in my biceps. is there any way to combat this?


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This is a first to me as well. Do you lift weights (curls)? If so that may be the problem and you notice the symptom hitting the bag or maybe you tense the muscles to much when punching the bag.

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Never heard of that if it,s bad I would stop hitting the bag or don,t hit it as hard until you build up your muscles in your for arms

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If your pain is below your shoulder (deltoid) right above the belly of the bicep muscle, then you could be experiencing biceps tendonitis. To help the pain go down stretch arms (biceps and triceps) before and after workout. Also, ice the biceps tendon after working out on the heavy bag (10-20 minutes) and lift weights regularly to strengthen the tendon and the muscle.

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Its not tendonitis,its your bicep breaking down and rebuilding. its a normal event when you work your muscle to failure.

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See a doctor.

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