Am I the only one who thinks Julio Cesar Chavez Jr looks like the Karate Kid Ralph Machio?


And when is he going to fight a real fighter and stop riding daddy's coat tails?


What i do some unfailier people out here are asking to fight .?

The earliest I ever heard anyone comparing the two was two years ago, and since then I always think of Junior whenever I see a Ralph Macchio movie:

As for the second question, how good does a fighter have to be before he's considered a real fighter? I know his next fight against Wiley is pretty worthless now, but it was inevitable, I guess. It would have been an interesting fight if Gatti had chosen him as an opponent instead of Alfonso Gomez, or maybe even if they make the fight with Miguel Angel Gonzalez. Sure, they're past their prime, but that's expected of a young prospect on his way up. ... :( I really don't know. I would love to see Junior managed by someone willing to bring him along a bit more quickly, but either way I'm still going to enjoy the fights, no one can stop me. *evil laugh*

And as for riding daddy's coattails, I don't think there's a way he could possibly not do that. It's a little late now to change his name and pretend like there's no relation. :P

Thanks to Santana's well written answer, Pernell Whitaker vs.?

Now that you mention it, he does kinda look like the Karate Kid, and odds are good he will take advantage of that famous name for as long as he can. He is no different in that respect than Ronald Hearns, Camacho Jr. or Laylia Ali. They were all born with a famous last names, but in the ring, their names are irrelevant. They either come real or they get waxed like the next guy/girl. Time will tell, but usually the children of famous fighters simply don't reach the level of success of their fathers.

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Mayweather?

Yes you are.

Why do boxers like to get slapped around by other men?

haha, i never saw it 'till u mentioned it.

but as for fighting a real fighter, man that dude is still young and he has almost no amateur background. his team are taking their time with him trying to develop him right.

we all saw what happened to fernando vargas, too young in too many big fights. now that foo sucks.

i give him another 2 yrs before his really steps it up. the welterweight division is a helluva division to start out at.

just what i think

Who do you think will win the Taylor vs Spinks fight, and who do you want to win the fight?

on because he wore that bandana thing and maybe a little. acutully when ralpph was in the outsiders someone said i looked like him. :) but maybe a little.

I do boxing does any have advice for me?

yeah kind of...good work daniel san.

Calzaghe V Manfredo jnr?

He does kind of look like the karate kid. He did have much of a amateur career so the are trying to give him some experience before facing better competition.

3 fights away - if Valuev gets to 49-0, do we consider him as good as Marciano?

aw he does look like him. hes adorable! lol

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