Am I on crazy pills? How can anybody believe Oscar beat Mayweather?

I see all these comments and questions challenging the outcome of the fight. I watched the fight and I cant imagine what causes some people to think Oscar won. And desrespecting floyd for being afraid to fight him in a rematch? Floyd fought Oscar on Oscar's terms, his gloves, his weight, his timing, so Floyd being afraid of him isnt a question. Some people need to learn what boxing is before they have an opinion on it. Yes Oscar pressed the action all night, but the punch stat numbers dont lie. You dont win a basketball game by shooting the ball more than the other team, you have to make shots count.


Mayweather vs Delahoya ?

I myself am an Oscar fan and at first thought not that Oscar had won, but that it should have been a draw. After I rewatched the match I did have Floyd winning 7 rounds to 5 for DLH. Floyd did what he had to and came out with the victory, and I do believe had DLH continued to throw his jab to create more opportunities then he would have won, but he did not and Floyd did exactly what he planned and took Oscar in the championship rounds as I have always called them.

Who is the referee in Manny Pacqiao and Oscar Larios Battle in Boxing?

You answered your own question.. You know enough to know that DLH had plenty of advantages written into the contract. The majority of people that think DLH won get a glazed over look on their face when you begin to break down why DLH lost.

Don't get worked up over these people. These people are DLH fans..not boxing fans.

You're not crazy. Your just dealing with people looking at this from an emotional perspective.

Why is this question in the sports catagory?

i personally had it at a draw. mayweather does not press action but is very percise. boxing is not just about waiting for others to do the work then you counter.

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sho nuff. you'rer on crazy pills.

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