All agree that Tyson in his prime was THE best boxer ever?


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Pistol Pete ~
Iron Mike isn't even in many of the Top Boxing Historians top 50. Burt Sugar, Mike Katz even one time manager Bill Cayton didn't have him in his top twenty. The title of best ever boxer is held by one man and one man only and that's Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar Ray's record eclipses Mike Tyson's, He had more than twice as many knockouts than Mike had fights. He conducted himself as a professional inside and outside of the ring.

Thanks for the question Pistol Pete.

Thinking about starting boxer fit classes but i don't know what to expect?

Santana is correct. Tyson is my 20-23 top ranked heavyweight. There is no telling how many more lighter weight fighters in the other divisions are rated higher than him in overall boxing ability..

Who would win? Maywether or Winky Wright (assuming they got in the same weight class)?

Who did he fight? Mohammed Ali was the greatest.

R any of yall in a sport?

No way

What is a TKO in boxing?

You're the only one that thinks that, dude. How are things in the 80's?

Please share with me? What is your favorite memory of Santana D? This is more an omage rather than a question?

nope...the most intimidating? well thats another question!

Can boxers be penalized for running away like in amature wrestling?

He's not even in the top 100 fighters of all time.

Number 1 P4P boxer?

Best fighter, yes! Best Boxer... no way! Ali was the best. He would beat you with his speed, mind, and skills. Mike would only use some skill and a whole lotta strength! He had no mind games!

Looking for opinions on the outcome of a fight between two Middleweights of different Eras?

The blogbaba lacks the command of the English language to adequately disagree with you strong enough to convey the total disregard for reality involved in such a question.

Tyson was one of the few Champions the blogbaba has trouble finding something positive to say about. He was the youngest Heavyweight champion, and Cus had the juice, along with Jacobs to fix his first couple dozen fights. He was never really the fighter the public saw marketed, and his career ended in total disgrace. I wish he would had conducted his business in a manner that remotely seemed sane, but such is boxing. $$$$ rules, and the rest is history.

What website do you use for the latest boxing news?

Put it this way, if there was one fighter in his prime that I wouldn't take a punch from, it would be Tyson.

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I am in agreement. Mike Tyson was a beast in his prime. There isnt a boxer past or present who could have taken his onslaught of power and ferocious strikes. We are talking about Iron Mike of the eighties now. The present Tyson or the Tyson that came after he lost to Buster Douglas is worthless ignorant trash.

Is it me, or does De la Hoya look worried?

Sorry, but rocky Marciano would of beat him..Undefeated
49-0 and fought some good champs!

you can go to U-tube and see a lot of videos. I recommend datman2000 videos, he has over 100 videos posted..enjoy!

British Boxing has deteriorated miserbly, only man happy is Frank Warren?

No Muhammad Ali

Floyd mayweather jr. vs. Oscar de la Hoya? who will win?

The Tyson of 86-88 may well have beaten any heavyweight. However, his prime of two years doesn't give him a top ten placing. Good question though.

The big thing against Tyson is that he never came through a REALLY tough fight to win. He had a bit of a tussle against the limited Razor Ruddock but never had to overcome that gutcheck fight.

But saying that, I think that Jack Johnson is the best heavyweight ever so what do I know!

How was the hype different in Jack Johnson's time ? Apart from the obvious.T.V. etc.?

- Archie Moore - 181 wins, 24 losses, 9 draws and 1 no contest, 145 KO

Looking at the record, it is easy to see why the "Old Mongoose" or "Ancient Archie" Archie’s career spanned over 4 decades, and it the only fighter to have faced by Rocky Marciano and Muhammed Ali. Archie was a better Light Heavyweight than he was a pure Heavyweight. He had his light heavyweight title stripped from him twice because he was too busy fighting at a higher weight class. No other fighter has knocked out as many professional opponents as Archie. for me this makes him the top ever he thought two of the greats if not the greatet boxers. having said that tyson never thought any greats beacuse in his prime he was the only great heavyweight .

Im just starting to box and i was wondering if anyone has any tips?

Absolutely! He was the most complete boxer in my opinion. He had blinding hand speed, excellent counter punching, and the toughest jaw in boxing. In his prime he mastered the fundementals like moving his head, pressing the attack, throwing all kinds of punches from every angle, jabbing and following up with combinations. IHe was in excellent condition. In his prime, he would beat anybody. What beat Mike Tyson, was Mike Tyson.

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I don't agree at all, sorry. Maybe one of the best punchers.

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Most boxing historians don't have him in their top 50 boxers of all time but as a matter of fact i don't know any that have him even in the top 10 heavyweights of all time. Yes he was good, yes he was quick, and yes he did have extreme punching power but he wasn't great. He was good. NOT GREAT. The people that he destroyed were really nobodies and he didn't have that many names on his record and when he finally got tested by someone who wasn't even that good (James Douglas) he got knocked out. He wasn't strong mentally. In order to be great you have to be able to be resiliant and bounce back from losses, boxing is more mental than it is physical. Tyson was terrible mentally. He showed no heart on many different occasions and it actually makes me mad when people consider him the best boxer ever. Those are the people who obviously don't know much about the sport of boxing. There are sooooooooo many fighters who are better than Tyson. His actual "Prime" was so short that you couldn't really use that to match him against other fighters from other eras. We never got to see how good Tyson really was because he wasn't mentally capable of being taken into one of those type of battles. He would fold. Sit down and quit. So no Tyson was NOT the best ever. Not even close.

For the record Sugar Ray Robinson had 108 KO's on his record and in my book is the greatest boxer ever pound for pound. Ali being the greatest heavyweight ever easily.

Why did Tyson wear Black Trunks?

Absolutely not.

Who in real life was the boxing legend- Rocky Balboa?

R u crazy..Against the best he is a cruiser weight.
Ali would have never let him inside and jabbed him to death, and would have out thought him
Frasier would have beat him in later rounds
Holmes would have jabbed him into submission
Rocky M had more power
others like
Foreman would have beat him to a pulp, Johnson, Shavers, Lyle all were so strong and much bigger. Heck, Buster showed you that survive round one, keep the jab in his face, start to double punches as the fight goes on and thn BINGO.

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