Amir Khan " planning for stateside debut next year"....?

Question:Read this article on Yahoo sports. Khan visited stateside and spoke to Ray Leonard. Leonard said "you've got to come over here and crack America." Khan was quoted as saying " I want to build my name up in the States as well as here. I want people to know who I am, that I'm a good boxer and that I'm going to be a great champion." HBO is interested in giving him more exposure if he fights in the States.
Sounds like the kid's a hell of a lot smarter than I gave him credit for. Seems like he's got it figured out. Too bad Calzaghe hasn't seemed to figure that out, and that Hatton's just now figuring it out.
My question: How important is it for a fighter to come to the States and conquer the opposition to achieve greatness?
Seems like Khan knows how important it is and I give him props.
a_p_ ribafish: I definitely want to hear your answer to this one.

The article is still in Yahoo Sports under Boxing


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Brent ~
In my opinion, he seems to be following in the right foot steps of Hatton, he knows that he can't even be considered "Great" unless he leaves his friendly confines. So much has been written about the young Khan over in Britain this young man hasn't even fought a eight rounder yet and there's buzz among the English media that they want a Hatton vs Khan fight as early as next year.
Before he makes the trip across the pond, they (Frank Warren) are going to feed him a American in England, like this is suppose to be a stepping stone or something, whoever he's fighting will practically have to kill Khan for a split decision. They have not named an opponent yet but I really don't think that it will be anyone you or I have ever heard of, but this is Frank Warrens way of showing "Me boy's ready to conquer America" as they will both learn as Ricky Hatton did, it's not that easy.
I really hope that the young Khan does show signs of eventual "Greatness" but I'm not going to hold my breath. I have to go by recent past history when it comes to English fighters, Lewis, Hamed, Calzaghe and Hatton and here, they are good, but nowhere near "Great"
Thanks for yet another great question Brent.

Frank ~
What's up Brother! I was sent an article from a friend of mine that is a Police Officer in England, Dean I. The atricle was by some sports writer over there who fancied himself a boxing "expert" and he wrote "Khan will beat Ricky in two or three more fights, he's that good" I laughed it off and deleted the article, I don't remember the writer or the publication, I just thought of it as complete nonsense.
I had the "Pleasure" of meeting Mr. Warren when i was in England, after I shook his hand I had to wipe it off on my trousers. He's just like Don King. You're right on point as usual.

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You are right he will need to crack America if he wants to be known as a great fighter, but he is no where near ready for this yet, I've been at ringside for his last couple of fights and the kid is still very raw, his defence leaves a lot to be desired and he is fighting with what must be 18 oz gloves (well they look that big anyway) i think Frank Warren is scared about his chin.
And we have got a rare one here i actually disagree with something Santana has said there is nobody on this side of the pond talking about Khan getting in the ring with Hatton it would be an absolute demolition job and everybody knows this, Warren would never ever allow this to happen as Khan is along with Calzaghe Warrens pay packet for the next few years, i know you must of noticed the pattern with Warrens fighters they fight 30 or 40 pointless fights making Warren rich before he gets them a title shot. As for seeing Khan in America i wouldn't hold your breath Brent unless it is against a complete no hoper, It will be Warren who decides when and where Khan fights and i would say that this will be on the undercard of Frank Warren Promotions for the next couple of years at least, unfortunately.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Warrens he has got a monopoly on the fight game over here a bit like Don King has in America and we all know how good for boxing King is. I should correct that to how good for boxers King is.

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i think it's definetley important for a fighter to come to the U.S. for example how many people actually knew who Manny Pacqiao was or better yet who knew Carlos Baldomir, i can go on for hours giving you names of nobody's until they came here. off topic i'd like to see Amir go at it with JCC jr. that'll be fun to watch and than have a rematch in about 10 years when they hit their prime.

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