Allah vs jesus who would win in a boxing match?

what skills would they use?


Super fight lll who wins?

During the first few rounds Jesus should keep his punches up and he should be careful to punch at the belt cause the belt bomb might explode

Jesus will win by TKO cause i'm sure the stadium will be bombed

Most foul boxer ever?

I think Jesus would have a much better inside game. In the early rounds, he would be trying to get in close and work the body. Allah would have better reach and would use that to fend off jesus' moving in. In the later rounds though, Allah would tire from having to bicycle around so much and Jesus would begin to get close and do damage.

I'd say TKO in the 10th round.Jesus wins.

What was Walker Smith Jr.'s record when he finally retired?

Satan would help Allah win, with some satanic ritual of the sort.

Jesus would be all 'Love thy neighbour'

Who are they ugliest boxers??

Mohammed Allah was the greatest boxer to ever live.

Mohammed ali or rocky marciano who'd win?

tuff one to call...muslims would pull for Allah
while christians would be pete rose'ing on Jesus.

if the promoters were smart, they wouldnt hold the match during ramadan mainly b/c of the fasting.

Jesus has shown he can take a lot of punishment.

in the end i think all the spectators would just get pissed off at each other and muslims would fight christians...there'd be so much chaos that they'd call the bout.

Who's going to win? Ali or Holyfield?

Duh! this is a no brainer.
Jesus rose from the dead.
Ya cant knock him out.

Besides, Allah would be to interested in the 40 virgin ring card girls to pay attention to the fight.

Where I can buy a Rocky boxing gown like the one Stallone wears in the film?

jesus would definitely win. allah is no match for the Big J.C. just remember, jesus will get knocked down early, but will always resurrect. allah is a chump. Go J.C.!

Is the boxing on OLN / Vs. going to be only with Top Rank promotions?


The first boxing match to get over $1,000,000.00 in gate receipts?

I think Allah would win, he just seems like a better fighter

Whatever happened to Alexes Arguallo, Lightwieght boxer, late 70's?

Jesus would knock Allah out with a miraculous left hook.

How do you avoid closing your eyes during close fighting in boxing?

I went to google fight! and Jesus beat him big time..

Joe Frazier vs. Mike Tyson who wins?

get real...

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