Anyone else think the suns - spurs series was going 7, no matter the suspension?


If Oden returns along with the rest of the non-seniors what do you think the chances are of OSU winning it all

I predicted the suns would win in 7 'fore it started. The suspensions make it a lot harder but the suns have proven they can win in SA,(see game 4 minus the horry incident) They have managed to overcome adversity throughout this series and almost did it again last night. Look for STAT and Diaw to have monster games and for the suns to tuff it out and bring it back to PHX where it will be louder and oranger than ever.

How far will the Poenix Suns go this year in the playoffs?

yes suns have the next one and its going 7

How do u get better at basketball in a short amount of time?

I do. Both teams have great depth and play hard. The winner hear will win it all.

Can you name the first Canadian ever to play in the WNBA?

definately game 7

Are the spurs a boring team to watch?

Yea. The league made a mistake, but we have a slight advantage with Horry sitting game 6 in SA. We will pull that game out, and then finish it off back at home in pho!

Basketball tournament coming up please help?

spurs are the better team regardless of the suspensions.the suns are not ready to go to that next level.
spurs 2006-2007 NBA champions

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