Who else thinks the NBA Screwed up again?

Question:This absolutely boggles my mind. Why the heck didn't David Stern last year look more CLOSELY at potential playoffs matchups. They thought they "fixed" the playoff matchups from last year, but the fact is, they really only did from in the West. Ooh big deal Dallas and San Antonio don't face each other in the 2nd round, but what about the east? Now the two best teams in the east are facing each other, Detroit and Chicago in the SECOND ROUND. Gimme a break!

I seriously think the NBA just needs to forget the whole "Division Champs" seeding and SEED the teams BASED on their OVERALL RECORD.

It's that simple, why can't they do that?

If you agree with me believing that the #1-8 seed should just be based on records and NOT division champs, to make it completely fair, then express your thoughts. I know you may say oh then Detroit/Chicago would face off anyway, yea sure but that's not always true. Cleveland has a hella easy road to the Finals, now Det/Chi is gone after this round. pathetic.


How would you improve the Mavs?

then it would be useless to have divisions and there would be scheduling conflicts...like sometimes a team from the east in one divisions plays only 3 times against a team from another division while playing another opponent 4 times from another division...they won't know who should face the other 3 times or 4 times (and teams will think schedulers are biased against them for settin up too many games against good opponents)

Plus at the end of the year, they need division records to determine who goes into the playoffs in case of a tie and they strongly feel that a division winner should enter the playoffs and should be a top team no matter what their record is

To those idiots who think pistons and spurs would be boring?

I completely agree with you. All the teams in each conference play the same teams so it's not like baseball and their unbalanced schedule.

Who in the NBA, College, Street Ball, wherever has the biggest vertical leap of all time?

Yeah I agree, Div Champs get too much just for winning a division. The Central division is the Eastern Conference. The Bulls should have been the 2nd seed the year before last when they had a 47-35 record and should of been 3rd this year with a 49-33 record. By this not happening, they swept the old and still aging Heat and ruined the best series the East could put together, the Piston and Bulls. The Cavs are playing like it's still the regular season and barely pulling away from the short handed Wizards so their series is boring.

Make the seeding by record and don't take away from the better teams in each conference. This would have benefited for the Rockets as well.

Dallas Mavericks !!!?

It must be me. But, I used to love the NBA. Now it seems as if everything is scripted and the games are officiated so as it is obvious who the winner is to be from the beginning of the second half. A well placed phantom foul call and then a technical and the stage is set. I mean sometimes there is an upset, but it really doesn't affect the standings. Well, I guess almost all American sports has became that way. The sponsors won't have it any other way.

What is KOBE BRYANT playing for, to BREAK RECORDS or to win CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Look up and down the history of David Stern and the NBA. They are ALWAYS screwing something up. Either that or they are always changing something that doesn't need to be fixed. 80 percent of the stuff they do is unnecessary.

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