Do you think Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki both auditioned for the lead roles in 'Brokeback Mountain'?

and do you think Mark Cuban also wanted a part in the movie?


Where in Korea can I watch the 2007 NBA Playoffs?

Dirk wouldn't audition if David Hasselholf wasn't involved.

Does NBA MVP mean most valuable player to their team or the average value they'd be to any team in the league?

Probably not since none of them are actors. Although maybe they did since since the two straight guys who played those roles made millions of dollars and increased their popularity.

Is utah ready for the spurs?

Sounds like you're wishing you had auditioned. Brokeback Dan?

Any comments on last nights game? Spurs and Suns?

No, they only wanted actors, not basketball players, and Cuban was working on "The Benefactor." Maybe Cuban can for the sequel, because he is very in touch with his emotions, if you saw the press conference.

What do you do when your team leaves the city?

hahaha!!..that's funny!

Cleveland Cavaliers how far can they go?

this is funny so are all your answers. go spurs!

Does kobe bryant ballhog?


I hate to tell you this but someone has to, you shouldn't use the same comb for your mustache as you do on your ballsack hair -it gives you a stinky upper lip!

Sorry, but thats what your wife told me as I was leaving

In the NBA, what is the difference between personal, technical, and flagrant fouls, & what are the penalties?

Lmfao thats so funny, yeah they probably did but I think Stephen Jackson would be even better than Dirk or Nash

What happened to kenyon martin?

Murdock u r so funny lol

If you got the chance to beat down any player in the NBA, who would it be?

Yes the are both great actors flopping on the court and play for the other teams so I guess they would be perfect!!
Go Spurs Go

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