Am I a racist when I say that the NBA is a cesspool of tattood thugz?


Ladies, who do you think is the finest man in the NBA?

I would have to say no since that has nothing to do with race at all. However i will say that most of the players in the nba do NOT fall into that pool. wht you are describing is a STEREOTYPE<-----------

Why is it that when girls wear kneepads during basketball games.?

No, but you are illiterate...learn how to spell.

Is Roy Hibert from Gerogetown going into the nba draft this year?

Generally if you refer to any grup of people as a "cesspool" it certainly isn't a complement

Improve skills inside?

Yes. A homosexual as well.

Do you think bruce bowen is a dirty player after watching these clips?

Yes you are a Racist


Who does Detroit Pistons vs. in the 2nd Round if they win?

No but you incompetant to say the least.

These thugs go out and spend millions of their money to support and help communities and children. The NBA has more community service hours than any other professional sport in the world.

What's Larry Bird up to these days?

not racist..but you're wrong when you say that

I do however love how Alpha Wolf or whatever says:
"Your a DumbA.S.S" somebody else a dumbas s with the word "your" instead of "you're"


-I just thought I'd point out how the pot was calling the kettle black.

"Spelling = Prejudging someone on there appearance???"
How did I judge you on your appearance? And it's not's simple grammar.
You making a grade school mistake and then calling someone else "dumb" is like me gaining 600lbs and calling someone else fat. (hence the 'pot-kettle' thing)

"call me whatever you want..but don't call me a liar!"
when did I call you a liar?

"The Grammer Righteous" makes them feel "Special"..because they suck at everything else! easy!
well.I'm not going to start on your mistakes in that "sentence"
...I don't do it to feel special.I'm perfectly fine with myself
I commentted on it because idiots shouldn't get away with calling other people idiots.

Was a bleeding Steve Nash not allowed to play because the refs know about the "friendship" he has with Dirk?

Definitely. You also have a spelling problem.

Who's better, Carlos Boozer or Dirk Nowitzki?

I don't think you mentioned any ones race, I do think you are making a generalization. Players in other sports have tatts also but they are hidden under uniforms more often. We can see NBA players up close and personal because of the gear they wear (or don't wear).

Realistically, who is the better player and worth more to his team, Kobe or Lebron?


there is better places to assert your energy.

Warriors loss?

Well, it depends. First and foremost, being a racist means prejudging people based on race or ethnic origin. Because over 80% of players in the NBA are African American, and many sport tattoos and other things that we associate with delinquency and crime, people think that merely disagreeing over fashion and/or style makes you a racist. It does not. You just have different views. However, unless you think that because the players are primarily black that the league is a cesspool, and that is your only reasoning, then you are not a racist. What you are stating is not racism, just merely a person who tastes in fashion do not run the tattoo/cornrow/braids/"thug" ideal. So, no, unless you think that because the players are primarily black the league is a cesspool, then no, you are not a racist.

How many officials needed in Basketball?

nope. stereotypes exist for a reason.

Which NBA team has the best cheerleaders?

The NBA is full of Alpha Male trash. How many examples of them do people want. Jason Williams for one, the one that killed his limo driver, not the angry white kid. All sports are filled with these people not just basketball, but more often then not u will see childish inappropriate behavior in a NBA game rather than any other sport.

Warriors = what?

only you and those around you know if you are racist... but you are leaving hints that you might be or are stereotyping...neither of which are useful to society... the above poster is correct, the NBA contributes more time man for man and more resources to just causes than any other american sport...Im sure much more than you or people you know do...

What is the luckiest number to wear when playing basketball?!?!?!?

i'd say prejudice more than racist.

Why is anyone concerned with the refereeing in the NBA?

You are only a racist if you fail to realize that there are tattooed thugs of all races in the league. I think you would be remiss if you didn't acknowledge the lack of tattooed thugs on the remaining playoff teams. You would be hard pressed to find a thug on the Spurs or the Jazz. With the exception of Rasheed Wallace the Pistons are void of thugs. And Steve Nash and the Suns lack a player fitting that description also. It really seems like there are a ton of thugs because when there is an incident featuring one of these guys it is so widely reported by ESPN that it seems to dominate the news. Truly a racist would dislike all the players of a certain ethnicity tattooed or not.

Who else is DONE watching nba after stu jackson suspended STOUDEMIRE AND DIAW?!?

no just ignorant, some of them are stand-up guys: alonzo mourning, dikembe motumbo, shaq, d. wade, nash, duncan, yao, t-mac, etc.
you din't refer to a specific race, i take it you meant black players.
some of the white guys in the league have tattoes too.
i wouldn't go as far a calling it a "cesspool of tatooed thuggz" but there are some players of questionable backgrounds: darius miles, jason williams(white), iverson

List your top five best point guard?

no, but you may have some other problem..small minded,maybe...

How many Double-double has there been so far in the NBA playoffs 2007?

yeah, you are. you are judging people that you dont even know. you call them "thugz", not because of what they do, but because 90% of them are black. if they were white, then that word wouldnt enter your mind. ask yourself what is the point of your question other than to stir up trouble. if they are indeed "thugz", what threat do they pose to you or anyone close to you? how are they a social burden? they play basketball with a lot of emotion, and the sight of an angry black man is scary to you, so you label them "thugz". yes you are a racist, and do yourself and everyone else a favor: stop asking stupid questions.

Wasn't it also Horry who kneed Nash in the groin in the previous game?

guys... there are 2 Jason Williams, or one Jason and the other "Jayson"... the Jayson Williams who killed his limo driver is black and played for Phoenix Suns. the other one, Jason, plays for Miami.

Poor J-Will getting mistaken as a murderer...

Can anybody tell me why Dirk Nowitski won the NBA MVP?

Yes you are. Just like David Stern is.

NBA Playoffs: Jazz VS Rockets: Who do you think will win this series?

Not necessarily racist, just opiniated, maybe even a little stereotypical. There are alot of NBA players who stay out of trouble, only recently have there been near brawls at games when players lose there common sense. They may be NBA players, but they are still human like everybody else in the world. Just because they earn millions of dollars does not exempt them from demonstrating foolish behavior. Many celebrities; athletes, entertainers I think believe they are above the law, because there erratic, violent behavior has been overlooked in the past because somebody felt they were so good at what they do, and making them $$$, that they could be pardoned for a mistake. By turning the other cheek, they got the feeling that they could do what they wanted without consequence because they were talented and had somebody looking out for them. It seems to me though that players have gotten more and more irresponsible with their behavior. From getting locked up for anything from drug/ weapons possession and rape to watching illegal dogfights. It isn't just the NBA either. I think these players need to step up and responsibly assume the role that they have taken on. There are kids out here looking up to them. Not to mention the amount of money they are paid, to do something they love. So why risk messing all that up for nonsense. With the power, position and status they are afforded because they are good at playing sports, comes great responsibility and all of them really need to be held accountable for their actions. I bet if they passed regulations (aside from fines) for misconduct some of them might think twice before forcing themselves on a woman, or trying to drive home after getting wasted. If you ask me they are overpaid and the money could be used to do so many other things. All the best.

Why do people still decide to leave Robert Horry open in the late stages of the game?

It depends, do you include Jason Williams of the Miami Heat in that group? If not then yes you are racist.

Can Williams and Boozer pull off what Stockton and Malone couldn't?

no ur not racist but its not tru its totally prejudice

Do you think the Bulls will win their 7th championship this year?

yea ur also a dumba.s.s

Do you think the Warriors should use this video as part of team introductions?

yep, because thugs is synonymous with african americans (unless you can tell when another race has been called thug(z?).


Yes why would you want to say something like that. I think you are jus hatin on them! They are better than you and you need to get your attitude fixed asap!!

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