What did you think about Charles Barkley's "anti" bay area show last night?

Charles is so funny ... they asked him if he had any apologies for the Bay Area, and he responded with "the bay area sux!" He must have had a big bet on Dallas last night and an even bigger one on Dallas to win the series.. what do you think?


I got a problem with the NBA and the spurs!!!!?

He's not so bright. Wish I had seen his show.
Go Warriors!

Why do people think im 37?

He need liposuction. He shouldn't be talking crap about anyone or any city when he's not perfect himself. He sure loves those Krispy Kreme though and he was shocked when he found out Krispy Kreme is based in the Bay Area. LOL He's dumb.

And after he saw the Warriors fans make fun of him with their signs, he said "the war is on." Wtf? lol He started it and the Bay Area is not going to back down letting him talk crap about the Warriors and especially the whole Bay Area.

Should my friend beat the crap out of me for saying that he likes the same girl that my other friend likes?

I thought it was funny. They showed all those signs talking about how Charles was wrong about GS getting swept, then he started cursing on national TV (as always) and was like "They're just mad they don't live in L.A.!"... Entertainment at it's highest if you ask me.

Did the suns win?

jessica alba was looking good , so I think he was jealous

Do the NBA officials need to check themselves?

i dont care what he says about the bay area of the warriors. the team isnt taking his crap so im TRYING to not get offended by all that mess either. although that krispy kreme thing was funny as hell. how gross is it that he can actually tell a krispy kreme donut from two others!?!?!?! that fool eats a hell of a lot of donuts! lol. anyway... he knows he cant show his face in san francisco and oakland anymore after what he said. especially oakland... we all know what will happen to him the moment he steps foot into that city! =D GO WARRIORS!

Where will Zach Randolph be traded too?

I never take what Barkley says seriously. He's just a guy with a lot of opinions and not a lot of thought behind it...that's what makes him funny.

Anyone here don agree that M.Jordan is the best basketball player of all time?

LOL he was right, They do wish they were living in LA.

Would you hold Phil Jackson down for me if I wanted to kiss him real hard?

Hey TINY...

Krispy Kreme is based in NC. Just sayin'

Is Kobe Bryant the best player in the NBA?

I absolutely LOVE Charles! He is so friggin funny. What I respect most about him is that he has always and always will speak his mind without hesitation. I may not agree with everything he says, but I'm always willing to listen.

I've never been to the Bay area so I can't give my opinion.

His rants on "Athletes as Role Models", "Gambling", "Various Players' Faults", and "The Bay Area" are classic!

His commercials with D Wade are great too!

Is Shawn Bradley better than Kobe Bryant?

he is the weirdest baller to never win anything, yet he stars in t-mobile commercials. def. not in my fav 5 because t mobile sucks anyway

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