A Kobe question of a different color?

Question:Kobe's lifetime shooting percentage from 2 point range is .453 (or 45.3%), his lifetime shooting percentage from 3 point range is .337 (or 33.7%).

As a "weighted" average, where is Kobe more "efficient" from? Two point range or Three point range?


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First off, you are a little incorrect that Kobe shoots his 2 pointers at 45.3%. That is his overall field goal percentage. If you subtract out his three pointers, he actually shoots 47.9% from 2 point range.

If you look strictly at these numbers, Kobe is more "efficient" from 3 point range averaging 1.011 points whenever he shoots a three pointer, and 0.959 points whenever he shoots a two.

This however does not tell the whole story because Kobe is also an excellent free throw shooter. Kobe shoots 83.8% from the free throw line, and because a huge majority of his free throws are a result of him working inside the 3 point line, this would increase his 2 point efficiency.

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its got to be the two point range not only based on stats but also because he attacks the rim alot he only turns to the 3 pointer when the teams down or he wants an 81 point game

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Drew E. WOW that was a great answer, best answer for sure . Amazing, good math too.

In a basketball standpoint I think he is more important with 2 point FG. He has a great shot 33.7 is a good average for 3pt to have. But there are greater shooters. Definetly in the league now he is the greatest or in the top 3 of getting to the rim and scoring as a guard. 45.3 is amazing when you are always in the top 5 for points per game.

Drew E that is the most impressive answer Ive ever seen though statistically.

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