All ya'll people needa stop complainin about the spurs cause they are not a dirty team..get over yourselves


Did lebron get cheated tonite at the end?

LMAO. You have Spurs fans all saying "duh, they're not a dirty team. All 346 incidents were all accidental!" Then you have the rest of the country who knows what they've seen, and know what they are.

You're just another Spurs fan who is embarrassed by their lack of character and respect for other players and you don't like being the most hated team in the NBA. Well, tough. Get used to it.

Who is poor man's Dirk Nowitzki?

Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go Go Spurs Go

If Duncan didn't do anything wrong, then why did Bowen go out and grab him off the court?

That doesn't sound like a question to me...

When do you think kobe wants his team reshaped like getting a few good players?after defeat of this series?

Thank you Pancake, i agree with you.

Anyone else catch the Rutgers womens team boo-hooing on ESPNEWS today?

If Ginobili isn't dirty than please admit that he tries to flop at the guard position just like how Vlade did.

Nash rarely complains to the refs about getting fouled unless its blatant and they don't call it. Nash loses the ball while dribbling...good defense by bowen? No...look at the replay? he was hit on the arm...

I'm not a Suns fan either

If the Sacramento Kings don't resign Mike Bibby, who do you think will?

hey, haters or not,the national boring asses,b-ball one white guy playin now. allanybody does is slam the ball and goal tend (yes,that is the term for hanging on to the god...m hoop too long!)
No sportsmanship, just cash. The women players have ALWAYS had it right,play to bleed,sacrifice,and play til you drop.Hats off to ya ladies!!

So, what do you think Suns fans will be throwing tonight? Rotten tomatoes? Molotov cocktails? Hand grenades?

Guess I've been watching a different Spurs team. Oh by the way, the Spurs have a bigger market than the Suns, but I'm sure your boy Stern does'nt know that.

What did Mark Cuban say??

I totally agree! Thanks for speaking the truth, but we all know that they won't stop their whining until they get their way, naaa not even then.

Dose any body know any opening basketball teams?

dont even bring up flopping guys. I know if i were in the nba i would be the biggest flopper there. Sadly its how the game is played. everyone flops, you cant single out one nba player on that subject.

2007 NBA Playoffs Schedule: Where to find it?

well i have to disagree but its the playoffs theirs no playing fair or being nice

So what's all this talk about the Pistons winning the Championship this year?

Yeah..I agree. A kick to the achilles, wow, that is just weak. That is such a gay accusation. If you want to know the meaning of dirty, you should have seen the Pistons of the late 80s and early 90s. The "Bad Boys" make the Spurs look like innocent babies. What Robert Horry did is simply called a hard foul, end of story. Fans acted like it was a clothesline to the neck. Great competitive series though.

Why doesn't Suns coach Mike D'Antoni ever get hit with technicals?

People like you claiming that the spurs are not a dirty team are all blind you need to get your eyes checked then watch the replays clearly.

Why in the world do ppl still believe that Kobe's a more important plyr than LeBron? I want the best answer.

Fu** the Spurs i would send them back to Africa.


Who is better Kobe Bryant,Dwayne Wade, or Steve Nash?

What was the question? Oh, why are the Spurs dirty whorebags? Why does the NBA baby them so much? Why does Duncan not get suspended for pushing the envelope on the same rule that Amare and Diaw got suspended for? The answer to that one goes back to my 2nd question.

And no I'm not a Suns fan, I'm a Pistons fan. I just hate the dirty *** Spurs and their whoring out to the NBA

Don't you sully the good name of the Pistons either. And comparing 2 teams of different eras in regards to playing dirty....That doesnt make the Spurs ANY less filthy whorebag players

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