Anyone have Reggie Miller's last playoff game against Detroit in a digital format that they could share? or..

can you tell me of any other way I can go about purchasing full length games on DVD? Would it be possible to contact the nba and ask to purchase a specific game? That not being possible I'd be willing to peruse trading forums and consider trading physical tapes or DVD's that way, although I'm weary of having to divuldge personal info with strangers. If someone who has it would be willing to make a torrent of it and post it somewhere, that'd be fantastic. I don't have full games of my own that I can trade in return but plenty of other things that you might like. I just was wanting the game to complete my video tribute to Reggie's career. I have the ceremony he had following his final regular season homegame as well as his jersey retirement ceremony, plus I have video packages of some of his greatest moments, so this would really be a nice edition. Despite the Pacers going down in defeat, "Uncle" Reggie sure played magnificently for a 39 year old in his final game. Great way to go out!


Golden State Warriors why hasn't 7 foot Patrick O'bryant played yet?

try searching in limewire

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