Any Jazz fans wanna give a shout-out?!!?

Question:It's a whole new series now! If Utah could have put together a couple of decent 2nd-halves in Houston, this series would (should) already be over.

I'm sorry, but Houston looks absolutely pitiful right now. Just let Yao get his numbers, limit McGrady, and move on to round #2.

Go Jazz!


WHY are Laker fans posting a question that Nash is a Ballhog ?

Not a jazz fan but not a jazz hater. I am a cavs fan and still upset that Boozer Loozer screwed us like that. If he can get hurt, I'll route for the Jazz all the way to the finals.

How do u make it up to your friends if you got MVP for basketball?

Not a Jazz fan, but I want this to be a more competative series. I want to see some close games and hope to see a 7th game! Good luck!

I am doing a power point on the 'history of basketball'?


Will Shaq stay in Miami? If so, who will Riley try and get to add to the roster for next season?

JazzFans ?

What is Energy Solutions Arena like ??

they probably don't have Alcohol or Coca-Cola. They probably have there dancers only show the skin on their face and neck. they probly have a bring 2nd wife 3rd wife gets in free promos.

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