Anyone know whats the song played when they introduce the players from LA Lakers?

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Is Sterns NBA losing fans faster than Michael Richards doing stand up?

sirius by alan parsons project

Nba playoffs?

Yeah its called " I NEED SHAQ" by L.L. Cool K (obe)
and it starts like this: 1st verse only

When I'm alone on the court sometimes i stare at the ball
and in the back of my mind i hear my conscience call
telling me i need a big man to watch my back
for the first time in my life I see I need Shaq
There i was giggling about the games - I ran so many people off but I'm not saying no names
Then the thoughts occurred teardrops made my eyes burn
I cheated on my wife, look what I've done to her
I can feel it inside i can't explain how it feels
Shaq left and the Lakers offered me a sweet deal
the Clippers thought i would come, but to L.A. I'm true
holding in my laugh as i say "Shaq I miss you"
Yeah i can score but my teammates disappeared
I whisper "Shaq I need you and I wish you were here"
Although i often reminisce I can't believe that i found
the desire to score 40 night in and night out
Inside my soul you think my soul is cold
One half of me deserves to be this way till I'm old
but the other half only wants to get paid
but I'm jealous cause you left me - won a ring with D-Wade


How do you Think the Detroit Pistons will do?

It should be '' Iam a loser'' by the Beatles. Bye and Bye the Orlando Tragic's 2007-08 progam is titled FOUR AND OUT AGAIN.

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