Warriors vs Mavs ► Where's the Mav Team we've seen all season ◄?

Are the Warriors this good or is there something in the water in Dallas?


Do you think the referees were biased against the GS Warriors?

Mavs just don't match up well the W's, its that simple....

Who will win in the NBA? I hope Cleveland?

The Warriors are just giving the Mavericks matchup problems, unfortunatley.

How badly is this loss for the mavericks?

too much pressure,its the PLAYOFFS,but the mavs will still win the series.

Who would win in a FIGHT, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

warriors are amazing. mavericks are doing the same ole' great job, but warriors are just doing better. nowitzski is amazing btw.

"Nice effort Women of Rutgers, maybe next year" Don Imus. WHY DID HE MISS THIS STATEMENT?

The Mavs think they are too good and the Warriors are just being too quick for Dallas. Dallas is just not quick enough to compete with Golden State at this point. No way they win this.

What does mean when Lebron does that thing Jay-z does with his hands? Is it some Rockafeller thing?

Well, the Warriors won all three meetings with the Mavs, so this may be it.

When will the Phoenix Suns realize that defense wins championships?

But, golden state is kickin' some @ss!
I hope they knock off dallas.
That would be awesome!

Dallas Sucks!?

Oh.the 67 wins mavs team we known are left at the season,BUT dont u 4get that this is PLAYOFFS not reg season..

Will Rick Adelman be more successful than Jeff Van Gundy? Why or why not?

The Warriors are a good team and I'd think that because their coach is the former head coach of the Mavs, they have a slight advantage. I don't think there's any question that Dallas would defeat any other team in the NBA in the Playoffs, but they've struggled with the Warriors all year. Just an unfortunate matchup. I think the Mavs can still pull it off though.


Mavs have had trouble all year against Nelson and the Warriors, did not beat them in the regular season either, Warriors are just not a great matchup for the Mavs and Nelson knows Avery and the Mavs system pretty good.

If by some chance GS beats Dallas in the 1st round can they win it all?

It's just match up problems, that's all. The Warriors move a lot on Offense, run a lot of screens and they love to go one-on-one with the Mav's defenders. It's no secret to anyone that the Mav's are lacking in the "D" category, so after being exhausted from sticking B. Davis, J. Richardson, S. Jackson etc... The Mav's are tired when they get into their "O", causing them to make bad decisions.

Which team is most likely to get swept in the 2nd Round of the NBA playoffs?

You don't have to worry about Dallas because their season will end soon.

Where is former texas tech point guard erin grant is she still playing basketball?

Now we find out if we have a championship team, or if they are pretenders. Too many people were celebrating the championship before it was won.

High school basketball?

they still have a shot at winning this series all the mavs need to do now is win this next one at GSW and then take care of home court and they have this series!

What are they going to call the nets in brooklyn?

the mavs r still the same...warriors have just improved and with nellie behind them they have gone up an extra gear against the mavs at the right time.

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