Alonzo Mourning said "We're still the champs. Talk to me when we lose on our floor!" Does anyone have his ##?


What would happen if there's a Cavs/Jazz final?

No one seems to have it but it doesn't matter. Zo will probably retire anyway and finally give his old battered body and kidney a much-needed rest.

When will Shaq and the Glove follow?

Who is the greatest dunker in the nba?

Good question! I also would like to talk to that loud mouth. LOL

Will Jermaine O'neal stay w.the Pacers or get traded and if he gets dealt were do u think he will end up?.

miami players are grandpas.

Can someone please explain as simple as possible how the NBA works?

I doubt u will face him face to face! They were the champs and I guess still is until someone win the Finals. But getting sweep is pretty embarassing!

Confused with NBA Draft Lottery process?

no but if i were him i would just keepcalm just in case he has a heart attack

Has Dirk Nowitzki ever been ejected from a game?

please make his f*** mouth shut up

Whom would you rahter have as your PF, Karl Malone in his prime or Kev Garnett in his prime?

Yes it's 1-800-Shaq and Zo are done

Can you show me what seeding of NBA champion teams seeding from past to present.?


his jelous of the bulls and that's their medicine to his arrogance

What year was nichael jordan was darfted?

talk to yourself? you have been beaten by a non-title contender team.losing infront of so many people... champions that were not champions...

Kobe is the Best - Agree or Disagree?

I guess his comments were supposed to be intimidating. If you wanted intimidation, check out Ben Wallace's arm.

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