1-on-1 Dirk or Rasheed?

Question:They both have very similar styles for being big men with outside shots. Personally i think that if Sheed did his post-up moves he would school Dirk. But they both have a good shot. But Wallace can shoot with the left and right.
I would go with Sheed in this matchup.


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Rasheed better in the low post, Dirk can put the ball on the floor and better outside range. Rasheed fits Detroit style of play and Dirk fits Dallas. One on One, I agree with you. Detroit wins Championships

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helllll nah dirk would ownnnnn rasheed's sloww asssssssss


I will take Rasheed Dirk chokes it in big games.

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Dirk would win

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probably steve nash would win this one. bahah juice. no definitely dirk, hes got a better J

LOL .Well well well...How does it feel Dallas LOSER Maverick fans to get STOMPED?


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It would be dirk

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I'm going with Rasheed cause i hate Dirk...!

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sheed would win cause he is stronger than dirk, they both have similar styles but dirk couldn't drive on sheed.

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Dirk. Rasheed is just not in the same skill level as Dirk. He's got a lot to learn before catching up to Dirk.

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