In basketball, what is a clutch shot?


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A clutch shot is.

...three seconds left on the clock, game seven of the finals, you are down by 2 points. You have taken yor last time out to come up with a play to win. As the ball gets thrown in bounds, the player gets the ball. Looks at the basket ( 1 second left), he takes the shot. The back boards is lights up red. Everyone eyes are locked onto the ball. It goes in. The game is one, and the game was one by that one final shot.

.. thats clutch. When everything is on the line, and one shot is all that is between a W or a L. That is clutch.

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hypethetical: 1 second to go and the score is pistons 101- heat -103 chauncey billups hits a 3 pointer and wins the game.

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a clutch shot is when everyone knows your getting the ball and you score at the end of a game too win it

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except the Heat will win!

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Clutch shot is a shot, that's a do-or-die situation, meaning you make the shot when it really counts...example, you make a game winning shot/or Free Throw...if you make the shot you win, if you miss the shot you dont win...

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A clutch shot is when you are in the last possesion of the game and this basket also decides the game. Some people cannot handle the pressure and are therefore not called clutch. But if you make the shot to win the game with the clocks time winding down then you can be called clutch

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a clutch shot is in a crucial part of a game, mosltly towards the end of the game, and will most likely decide the outcome of the game.For instance, down by 2 points with 3 seconds left, and you make a three pointer or even a two at the buzzer. A clutch shot could also be when you make a shot during a part of the game when your team needs it the most

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