Anybody have faith in kobe tonight? I sure do I hope you do to, Lakers have never lost 3 straight with Kobe?


Is this year's Golden State Warriors team the best 8th seed ever?

I think Kobe will play well, but it would be useful for someone else on the Lakers to show up and help a little.


what are you talking about? They lost like 7 straight this year even with kobe. I'm a Laker fan too, but after seeing the last 2 games I have a feeling that they might get swept.

Whos better, garnett or duncan?

not to mention three straight last year in the playoffs against PHOENIX. A weaker Phoenix team, even.

Most valuable player..?

i always have faith in kobe but he surprises me sometimes.i was thinkin he went 70ppg:) in first 2 games in phoenix but he didnt.he gotta do something for example freeze suns with shooting perfect.he showed this to us many times.come on kobe you can do it..

Question for the girls, Basketball team?

no matter what ...laker wil take gm3

Does anyone know where I can purchase NBA personal Checks?

um wtf? lakers have no chance in game 3... unless you have kidnapped the ENTIRE PHX team... or you intend to harm them somehow. wishful thinking. how about getting the lakers to play better defense and run the offense instead of watching kobe shoot jumpers?

Why do so many men who are Dallas Mavericks fans wear pastel colors?

Lakers are getting swepts. Steve Nash had more assists than Kobe had points in game 2.

Why can the Magic never win?

all i can say is suns all the way baby!! oh and not to be mean but check the facts before you say such an untrue thing

TNT Crew?

How many championships has Kobe led them to since Shaq left?

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