Down 2 games to 1 ► Can/Will the Mavs Bounce Back ◄?

Somethin wrong with the Mavs or have the Warriors got it goin on?


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Considering that Don built the Dallas team as the GM and coach, he also know its weaknesses. Sorry, Dirk, Nelsen knows exactly how to defend you. Sorry, Jason, Papa's got a team who can stop you. Sorry, Josh, they might just be too small for you to guard without fouling them.

So until Avery can totally alter the Dallas style to surprise the Don, the Don will always be able to counter-attack, at least until his current team gets over-confident such as in Game 2.

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i guess mavs will win 2-2 later i guess warriors will beat them...i not sure so

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just because the mavs underestimated the warriors

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It does seem as though the Warriors have the Mavs number.. however, remember the Suns vs the Lakers in last year's first round? Suns were down 3-1 before winning the last 3 games to take the series. Its not over till its over! The Mavs are in serious trouble by any estimation though, they really can't seem to beat the Warriors, Warriors are now 5-1 against the Mavs on the season. ouch. BTW, I'm from Phoenix and would love the see the Mavs loose! GO SUNS!

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Dallas won't lose another game to GS. They were embarrassed last night and they'll respond accordingly!

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I agree with Scottie...they'll bounce back..(@ least I hope they do) and go on to win it all!!

Can miami win four straight?

no i want golden state to win against them

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NO way in hell!

Tell me what the hell is going to happen!?

I don't think the mavs will bounce back they playin a team that they never beat in the regular season.

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I feel they will bounce back. That may be a bias answer since I have watched everynight for the past few years and then some! That is what the Mavs do, the bounce back! I can't say I am worried yet, but I have seen things I am concerned with, but this has been the same way the Warriors have played us each time, no suprises! As to say they are your typical 8th seed would be unfair. They are in my opinion a team that could have won 50+ had they meshed sooner! They had many injuries to key players and two new players learning the Nellie game! The Mavs are out of sync, partly cuz Nellie knows how to stop our key player! Granted the Mavs are more then one player! Many key components! Those are the ones we need the most! I did not want the Warriors to make that 8th seed for about 3 weeks! They cause fits and quite honestly feel they can cause fits for about anyone right now! They are at the peak of their game. I thought 6 in the start with this series, now I am obviously hoping for 6, but I know think this is a 7 game series and that works in the mavs favor, or shall I say should work in their favor!

pisces, I do not disagree with your one-way statement, but in the finals there was no chance of a bounce back, it was more of a Miami bounce back, seeing were up 13 with 6 minutes to play and the chance to go up 3-0. So they stepped up and used the bounce back theory!

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Can they bounce back yes. Will they bounce back no. . .b/c GS owns them and the playoffs is about the time they start choking.

ETA: Ben just like the bounced back in the NBA finals. . ?

You CANNOT compare this series to the lakers vs suns last year. EVERY game except the last one was down to the wire. very close and competitive (especially with amare stoudamire out). But this series so far is not that way GS is not only winning but winning big. Not only by point differential but in controlling manner that frustrates the mavs. There is a reason why this team is 7-1 vs the mavs in the last 8 games including playoffs.

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absolutely not! The Warriors are on their way to an NBA championship. Mavs are garbage!

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Eliminate Mavericks for Suns. Thank you Warriors for doing this job for us Suns.


Mavs suck there gonna lose

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Warriors have been beating them all year. But if they winn the next game, the series is tied and they get home court advantage back.

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I sure hope not. Honestly I don't think they can. I think the Warriors can take the Mavs, they proved that in the regular season by beating them every time they met. I think the Warriors have it going on this season, especially after that big trade back in January.

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