In case of a tie, who wins, Clippers or Worriers?

I know, so far, Clippers would win if they are tied 2-2 this season cause they are 6-7 in their division and Golden State is 5-10. But what is the season record between these two teams! I’m not much of a Clipper or Warrior fan, thou I really hope the Warriors make it over the Clip’s cause I’m a Lakers fan and I hate the fact that people were making a big thing last year for the Clip’s calling them the New L.A team. Dumb A$$es. If you look up in the Staples Center all you see is Purple and Gold! Anyway, Just let me know the exact record of these to teams. Thanks!


Heat or bulls raptors or nets spurs or nuggets warriors or mavericks???

clippers are nto better than da lakers
im a die hard laker fan too

go to

=] hope it helped

Has steve nash ever shot a jumpshot that first hit the rim or backboard and then went through the net?

Golden State is 38-40 and is in the 8th spot in the west, and the Clippers are 39-40 in the 9th spot in the east. Also, if these two teams were in a tie golden state would come out on top for one reason.THE CLIPPERS CHOKE UNDER PRESSURE! Every time the clippers get in a big game they blow it. That is why they wont make the playoffs.

Would you rather have Kobe attempt 30 contested shots a game or Luke Walton attempt 10 wide open jump shots?

the team that has the better regular season record against each other i think

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