AI or Kobe? who's better? I mean not only on stats..?

Question:Fastest player vs. Ball Hog?
sickest crossover vs. a Rapist?
Toughest player vs. Cry Baby?
Doesn't want to be anybody vs. MJ WANNABE?
choose wisely(",)


Why do some basketball players wear tank tops under their jerseys? isn't it hot for them?

I don't like Kobe, but I have to say, he is the better player of the two. AI is arguably the most skillful player in NBA, but Kobe beats him where it counts, which is putting the ball through the basket. He can take, and make big shots. And he is a better defender than AI.

Having said that, he is not a better person. He is selfish, throws tantrum, publicly fights with his teammates, and cheats on his wife. He is a better player, but definitely not a better person than AI.

Who is the tallest PG in the NBA as of today? Name team and player's name?


T mac sucks agree?


Who honestly thinks the Spurs have a chance against the Suns. They have too many offensive weapons.?

AI has been a great player...but has had little success over the years...I dont remember where he was ever a player bent on making his teammates better...and now hes on the down side of his career...he was always tough...and that tough little guy will never be as offensively dynamic as Kobe, has never played defense worth a quarter, and will never get a matter who he plays with...and just for your not a big Kobe fan...

Why in the darkest pits of hell did the Detroit Pistons lose last night? They had a 3-1 lead over Chicago!?

kobe is good but sometimes tends to be a ball hog and he is fast but AI is a good team player and is fast also.i would go with AI. hes just an overall better player

Is KG really the only player out there that can help the Lakers get back into contention?

Thats easy, simple even, kobe is by far the better player, the man is the best offensive player that the nba has seen in years and he is doing it with a bunch of role players. Both teams have basically the same record, while Iverson has a bunch of top notch players with him, and they are struggling to win and kobe has role players and he is carrying his team. You didn't see Iverson carrying his team back in philly this year. I'm positve if kobe was on that team, he'd find a way to win.

And oh yea, kobe has 3 Rings, how many does A.I. have? haha

Who will be the 2007 NBA Champions??

I am not a Kobe hater but I have to go with AI

How bad do you want to see Golden State vs. Phoenix in the western final?

A.I. or Kobe that is a hard one.Throughout Kobe's whole career he has had a better FG percentage then A.I. And his rebound percentage has been better i know that is because he is taller but im just stating a fact.and his 3 point percentage has been better.And Kobe has won three championship's and A.I. has only made it there once.So i think the better player is obviously Kobe.

For Unbiased Fans Only?

Kobe is better, he can put up 81 points

Which NBA rookie has the most potential to become a superstare?

I would love to answer but you are a dumb *** for the comparison line. "Sickest crossover vs. a rapist". Come on. Why do you even waste your time asking the question. Why don't you just put "I hate Kobe, now who's with me?" That would be a more fitting question for your type of personality.

Should there be a fine or some sort of penalty for flopping?

this is all kobe.. he needs the ball because he has a team with only a few veterans on it. and kobe will soon become a much better player than MJ

Kobe or Wade who's the better highlight reel?

Heart & toughness vs. talent & ELBOWS
Iverson all day.

Why so many Kobe haters?

Screw Kobe and his gay 81 pts. he can't lead his team to the finals like A.I did in 200-2001, so good luck mr. 81 pts. on leading ur team to the finals this year!

Why was Steve Nash born?

i agree w/ Tee W
and Kobe for 3 reasons
1-81 pts
2-3 rings
3-hes the best in the league hands down
everyone who disagrees is either ignorant, has some kind of mental disorder or is simply a hater

Predict the NBA final four?

AI! =P TOTALLY AI! but Kobe is aight too =P

Lebron and the Cavs coach Mike Brown were saying way too many good things about Jason Kidd. Gee I wonder why?

you're just hating kobe man i have to go with kobe...

So Golden State is about to hand Phoenix the NBA Championship. What do yout hink about that?


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