Ahh yess the mavs are showing their true colors?

Question:Truly one of the most overrated teams in NBA history...went on those ridiculous streaks during the season against teams with superstars missing

So much for their vaunted defense hahahaha...DIRK CAN'T GUARD A PARKED CAR.

Will the Mavs ever show some toughness on D (especially from their leader ?

Just like those good teams they had in 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06.choke in the playoffs with zero D!

Dirk is one helluva offensive star but he got exposed on D by the warriors! He avoids contact and doesn't defend the other teams' big man, and well this is what you get...spanking in the playoffs


Hey what the heck?

This is absolutely hilarious. Dirk no-win-zki continues to show his inability to lead and the mavs are going down in flames.

Dirk can be shut down by non-densive players just put your shooting guard or small forward on him.

Just pathetic how scared he is of the post

You're 7 feet tall, play like it for once in your life

Who do you think is going to the secon round Rockets or Jazz?

hell no, i hope the warriors win the next two. and shoe the real mvp, kobe or nash

Does anyone know the details of Rick Pitinos contract with the Celtics?

hey come on! THE MAVS ARE TRAILING THE WARRIORS RIGHT NOW BY 19!!!!!!!!!!... DIRK HAS 18 PTS., 5 PERSONAL FOULS , 3 TOs! Is that an MVP! and is that a player that is leading his team to victory? come on. I'd give the MVP trophy to Nash

Do you think I am a Mormon by asking Utah Jazz questions?

It happens too the Mavs every year.They choke in the playoffs with consistency. Never thought it would be any different this year.

Ok now that Rashard Lewis opted out of his deal is off the sonics team?

Overrated doesnt get you 67 or however many it was victories.

with their series against Dallas.

Had Dallas been against anyone else, it'd be a sweep.
GS? They won't get anywhere IF they beat Dallas.

Is Dirk Nowitzki just not cut out to be the main man on a team?

mavs are getting there butts kicked right now

Who is Better Spud Webb Or Nate Robinson ( GO SPUD)?

Hell yeah Dirk is no MVP he's a choker. If he gets the MVP award then that's Boosheet

Pistons over Bulls in how many games?

Words of wisdom!

Wilt's 100 Point Game! Score Explination Unique Data. How was it achieved?!?

I have now disliked Dirk for 2 yrs now and am able to prove to my friends that he is a panzee. I saw what was rated as his top ten plays of the season. He was anti-contact for nine in a row. Every shot he either backs down his defender two steps or fakes in the same spot then he does a fade away like he thinks he might get blocked or something. I would rate him on a scale of 0-10 as 1 dud. The only people i think that should get Mvp are the people that actually help out their team. Like Kobe or Nash.

Do jumps soles (the ones you put in your shoes) work?

mavs are losers

Define Tracy McGrady in one sentence. Just one.?

Warriors are the ones showing there true colours Dallas are choking again

What would happen if there's a Cavs/Jazz final?

(response to one of responders) Beating the mavericks by double digits is not lucking out. If they squeeked wins by dallas by 1-5 points you could say that. But if they're beating them by 13 or 22 points you cant say that.

Watch the game. GS is flat out manhandling them. For the most part of the game and even in their loss they controlled the tempo of the game.

Avery has that same blank stare he had in the NBA finals and I am loving it.

Like you i'm tired of hearing about their great defense. What happened when they allowed dwayne wade to beat them? Or even their lasty two games against phx when they allowed 110+ points? What happaned tonight when they allowed 61 points in the 1st half alone. Great defensive teams do not allow a team to score 61 points in the first half ESPECIALLY not a playoff game.

What does the Miami Heat future hold?

This isn't even a question, it's just stated in question form. But I'm not complaining, unlike Mavericks fans. Go Warriors! BTW Josh Howard is an absolute beast, if Dallas doesn't have him they would be done. He's their real MVP.

Should the Atlanta Hawks fire coach Mike Woodson ?? And who should they hire as the next coach ??

I never claimed that the Mavs were going to win it all this year. Number 1 team rarely wins it when they get cocky. It's usually the lower seeded teams that know they have to fight for the championship that win it.

Another true color moment you forgot to mention in the additional details--Mark Cuban letting Nash go. Choke Mavs, choke!

Is Lebron James going to be the next Derick Colman?

1st let me say this, I hope the Warriors pull it off, but Dallas is the better team and expect that they will win it all after they get out of this series.

How can throw a ball that comes to a total stop and reverses back without touching anything?

I think the Mavs true MVP is Josh Howard. He is the do it all player that they have, and the only Mavs player that consistently gives the Warriors trouble.

Dirk can't be an MVP if he can't dominate the post against a team that doesn't use a 7 footer. Nelson knows Dirk prefers not to post, and has taken advantage of this weakness in Dirk's game.

Until Dallas makes the Warriors pay in the paint, they will continue to lose. They also need to find a way to slow down Baron Davis. Maybe they should stick Josh Howard on him. Too bad Howard would get in foul trouble if they did that. I guess the Warriors will take the series then!

Go Warriors!

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