Am I the only one that knows...?

that one of the girls on the Rutgers basketball team (Epiphany Prince) scored 113 points in one of her high school games, beating out any record previously held in NYC or America for that matter-in any league.So tell me, is she STILL a nappy-headed ho?


What Celtic’s star was an all-NBA forward nine straight seasons, starting in 1980?

No, Imus was ignorant for making the comment. That being said, Ms. Prince was all over ESPN when she scored all those points in the one game.

WHY has the NBA become SO Boring ?

A stupid comment by a very stupid and very hated man has gotten evryone stirred. I believe that the Rutgers are a very good team, and never deserved to be called what they were called.

Who miss the miami heat?


UCLA gonna win it all next year?

The statement had nothing to do with her ability ( but last time i checked she was on the bench while a girl who did not score 100 pts in a game won a NCAA championship) it was just an ignorant comment. don Imus has always been a jack a**. And if you're gonna get out of sorts about that what about Newt Gingrich saying Spanish was the language of the ghetto.

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