Air Jordans.Whick one is your favorite?

Mine are the 11's or the 3's. But most likely the 11's.


What will be this summer's blockbuster deal? I have a confident feeling that it will include the Lakers,?

The originals.

Which college would have the greatest all time team counting NBA performance?

My favorite are the one's in 1996 black and red patent leather

If Arenas wasn't injured, how many points would he average against the Cavaliers in the playoffs?

gotta say the retro 3's

Who in the Nba wears jersey number 69?

the original red and black #1s (with the lil logo with wings on the ankle pad) the 10s (white with the padded ribs and black contrasting trim , black and yellow trimmed bottoms) and the 11s (white with the lil circles on it that looked like ostrich from a distance , black trim...also had the lil hologram circle on the back of the ankle pad) liked alot of them but up to this point those are my favorites...

What countries are well know for their basketball teams?

I like the 8 and 11's.

David Stern just cancelled his trip to Phoenix to watch the game?

the ones red and black patent leather...or black and gold..

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