10 point if you get this right which basketball team is the best in europe?


If the NBA playoffs were to start today...?

Officialy CSKA Moscow, but actually Zhalgiris Vilnius!!=)
Lithuanians are the best in basketball. Afro americans physically strong, but are not able to to play smart...

Miami Heat let's go!!

Chicago Bulls vs. New Jersey. Who will win in a series of 7 games and why.?

if you're talking bout best international teams in europe it has to be france

Who's good looking between the 2? Shaq or Kobe?

CSKA Moscow!

How many points do you'll think kobe will score tonight..over 35??

ukraine of course

How do you work the pump on the I3's also known as iversons?


Who is the best dunker in the NBA?


Which team or teams have been the biggest surprise teams and the biggest dissapointments this year in the NBA?

CSKA MOSCOW! if you saw the game that they played against the LA CLippers, they beat the clippers by 17! They also ended maccabi tel-aviv's championship run last year! with papaloukas (who played great basketball in the world championships with greece), langdon (the alaskan assasin), and many more, they are poised to win it all again!

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