Shooting questions?

Question:I have 2 questions.

1. How can i get more power for my shots. My comfort range is right about the free throw line. For free throws it feels like i have to use all my power from my legs and arms just to get it to not hit the rim and swoosh. I shoot close to how players shoot in the nba. I bring it up above my head before i shoot, i don't do what alot of 8th graders (i'm in 8th grade) do which is release right below the top of their head. That is the reason i don't have enough power. I make more shots within my range that way but i don't have enough power to CONSISTENTLY make three pointers and most of the time i am not shooting the way i do at a closer range. What workout regimen can i do with just some dumbells for my arms?

2. I aim with my left eye so it feels like i have to turn my body to have my right arm (my shooting arm) tucked in. I have to shoot like how wade shoots his free throw and have my toes pointed to the left. Is this normal and should i change it?


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1. To Get more power, you have to start working out your legs and lower body in particular more, to have a greater lift, when you bend your knees to take a jumpshot. Just increase your range little by little, and eventually you'll be hitting the 3's.

2. Change it, you should always square up when you are shooting, you want your momentum to carry you towards the basket when you shoot, that means having your feet facing the basket.

And to work on your legs, try squats, lunges, or just hit the gym.

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start practing from long range shots. hit the gym and work on upper body stength and arm strength and leg strength. then practice long range shots, take in all in a day 250 shots per day and also take about 50 half court shot. Thats what i did because i was in the same situation as you. My comfort level in the free throw line and closer to the rim, but i can make the 3's when i need too

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It really helps to be square to the hoop before releasing. I don't know if you are specifically talking more about free throw shooting or just general shots.
The answer for you is right here my friend
It is called the "BigBall"
I used it when I was your age and it helped so much. If you cant afford to buy one of those, try to find something heavy like a medicine ball at your high school. Just keep shooting hundreds of shots each day. Also get and read the book "Drive" by Larry Bird. It tells you how he was just like you were around that same age and how he would shoot like 200 3 pointers before breakfast, at lunch at school and at night, every day.

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1.Practice shooting from low post first then from high post. Once you have mastered shooting from there. Oh! and don't bring the ball from your chest level, practice shooting by bringing the ball from behind your head. It will be dificult at first at first, but if you practice it there will be less chances of you getting blocked by another player. As far as jump is concerned, try to touch the net. And start cycling it will strengthen your legs. Now back to shooting, after high post start practcing free throws as it is nearest to 3 pointer line.practice practice and practice.

2. Leave that style, it will bet you blocked in no time. Wade is a pro he is fast, so his shoots rarely get blocked. Try the style i've mentioned above, i'm still saying it will be difficult but it will help you when you have mastered it!

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dont listen to the person above should never shoot with the ball behind your head...that's absolutely retarded, takes to much time, and you'd probably get blocked more. repition is the best way to improve your shot...keep doing it, keep doing what is most comfortable for you...if you want to see the nicest steve nash shoot...when you square square up with your shoulders...legs can be pointed left if you're a right hander. you should be able to see with both eyes when you shoot

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