Anyone else catch the Rutgers womens team boo-hooing on ESPNEWS today?

what a joke. They said because ONE man on his radio show said something about them, they cant celebrate their season. Boy, how weak does it make those women sound? One old man says something and their whole world stops.


Does anyone know if the mavs and warriors game is on the radio in chicago tonight?

Yeah I saw them crying on ESPN News today - that a complete joke!

The coach seemed to try to talk/act like she was giving a Martin Luther King Jr "I have a dream" speech. Did you hear how she was kind of trying to like talk real softly and gently and then sometimes get a little louder with more conviction. She also really went away from the topic and started talking about society in general - again as if she was giving some sort of civil rights movement type speech. Then she went on to tell that totally unrelated little sob story about her high school cheerleading days.

This story is blown way out of proportion by the media. Imus said those things as a joke. Even if Imus blatantly made horrible racist remarks, there is still no need for a big press conference from Rutgers. And the Governeor was even there for crying out loud - this is a really absurd response by Rutgers University and the media.

And then you even hear the coaches and girls talking about how Imus somehow ruined their celebration of a great season and took away from their accomplishments, ect. What a joke that is. What did these girls do - curl up in a ball in the corner after hearing Imus' remarks and whimper? What should they really be celebrating anyways? They LOST the game! Society always tries to make winners out of losers and you just can't do that. What are you celebrating - being losers who couldn't win the big one?

The coach also went on to rant and rave about how great these young girls are off the basketball court - as if that had anything to do with Imus' supposedly racist/sexist comments about how ugly they were. Imus didn't say they were bad people off the court - he just basically said they were ugly.

And the biggest joke of this whole thing - the girls from Rutgers are actually going to get a meeting alone with Imus so they can confront him about what he said and ask him why he said it! I can just see it now - Imus in a room alone with a bunch of angry ugly bull dykes in his face trying to make him a horrible person and asking for an explanation. Didn't Imus already publicly issue a statement and apology? What more is he going to say directly to those girls? - "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"?? Stop whimpering, crying, ect and just get over it!

- Johnny Common Sense

Where can I get expert predictions for the NBA conference semifinals?

I agree. They are just playing the race card on this one. I didn't find what he said to be offensive, and if you do then ban rap and hip hop music. Thats where all this sh*t stems from.

Do you think that Tim Duncan is better then Kobe Bryant?

i agree. imus shouldn't have said what he said but people have made a too big deal out of it.

Why does Manu Ginobili have to "flop" so much?

Imus should be fired. If he made statements like that on any other job he would have been.

The Rutgers women shouldn't let it be known they are that hurt. They are just empowering Imus

NBA championship?

yeah, they are definetely overreacting. The school pres was on the news last night sobbing about this "tough time for the whole Rutgers family"

Not that I am defending Imus. He is an idiot and if he loses his shows over this he deserves it and I won't lose any sleep.

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that just makes the whole story funnier

Why does Vince Carter cry to the officials so much?

What a bunch of crybabies. I saw it. Man they take themselves way too seriously. Let it go. He said something funny but dumb, but damn did a family member die or something? Jeez, grow up.

What do you think about uks coach billy gillespie?

What a bunch of crap, i really honestly get tired of how much of a double standard this whole race thing is, i hate racism and cant stand racist comments. But is Don a racist? No he is just a man who tries to be funny. He can say all he wants about native americans, hispanics, obeseity, and whites but as soon as he opens his mouth about blacks even as a joke all hell breaks loose. People overreact and try to make a big deal about it. I think the fact that he called them Ho's is more offense then calling them Nappy-Headed. Its really just a bunch of people looking for something to complain about, he apologized and that is expected, he is even accepting the suspension which is alot harsher than he should have gotten. Lets honestly break it down, if he had just called them ho's would the outcry be as bad as it is now? No, but is calling someone a ho worse than nappy headed? Yes it is. This is what we call a double standard.

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They are a bunch of no good cry babies...get over it already.people are soooo sensitive.are we seriously going to make a big fuss over some dude's comments? They are just comments for crying out loud!...political correctness is out of hand!!!

Plus, it's not like their hair isn't nappy

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