Am i seeing things or is Charles Barkley wearing tennis shoes with a suit?

He's not gonna be in my Fav. 5 wearing those shoes. lol lol


Down with Cuban and Dirk! Who agrees with me?

lol wasn't there one day where he was wearing a suit on top but wearing shorts and sneakers during broadcast? They other commentators made so much fun of him.

Who do you want and who do you think will be in the NBA finals?

they always do that. supposedly, you're only supposed to see the upper half of their bodies

When was the last time a 8th seeded nba team has won the championship?

Maybe he is having problems with his feet? I never noticed..I'll look for it

Im in need of a college team basketball, help!?

lol thats Barkley for ya

i love the guy

Is kobe a ball hog?

now you are not seeing him
maybe you saw him
thats a terrible wording

Who are the top 10 nba players of all time?

dwayne wade dared him to do it...

Lebron James is he great or what?

Charles Barkley is C-L-A-S-S-Y

Leandro Barbosa - Is He The Next Superstar?

He probably has trouble finding dress shoes for his extra large feet.

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