2007 NBA Champs - The Utah Jazz!?

You got to love it Baby! Jazz in 7 over Spurs and Jazz in 6 over Pistons.


Is cuban the reason for the failures of the dallas mavericks?

in 6.

Who Would you want in the 2008 Dunk Contest ?

I would love to see Utah Jazz win one. Jerry Sloan highly deserves it.

Can denver nuggests win championship becuz of recent play?

Sorry - the Jazz are good but the Spurs are too good and they match up well with the Jazz - Duncan vs. Boozer, etc.
Spurs in 5.

How many points did Larry "Legend" Bird average in his career?

I believe my friend!

They're going all the way! I don't know where all the doubt is coming from. The Jazz went 2-2 against the Spurs, and the Jazz are on fire right now! The Spurs are going to think that the worst is behind them with the Suns, but the Jazz are going to come out swinging!


Suns Vs Lakers tonight.?

i dont think the jazz are good enough. cmon, they beat houston (tmac stinks) and gs, who have no experience whatsoever going to round 2. their going up against a previous champ and the best player in the game in duncan, with so much experience. san antonio had a much harder road than utah. they may upset the spurs, but they wont stun 2 previous champs, i guarantee that.

Can anyone explain what happened to Anfernee Hardaway's career?

Are you serious, this is like denver thinking they had a shot..

Dirk gets the MVP, golden showers get eliminated from the playoffs...?


What Lakers coach had been an 11th-round pick in the 1967 NFL draft?

hell yeah! i am with you on this one...

all that jazz!

Mavs fans? How does it feel?

Hahahaha no. Please wake up

Best sub $100.00 basketball shoe for playing outdoor basketball 4days per week?

YEAH BOY!!!!!!

What do the 76ers have to do now to make the playoffs?

Yes i agree maybe the Jazz will win in 6 games of Spurs and sweep the Pistons you never know.

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