Yoa or shaq?


Who is number 5 in basketball?

Im pretty sure the question wasnt who has more rings, or who played on a more successful team, so those answers are dumb...

Shaq is much more dominant than yao. Even in his old age, Shaq's drop step is one of the most powerful moves in the league. Yao could not keep shaq far enough away from the basket to make him innefective.

Blogbaba's going out on a limb, the Pistons will be the NBA champs. If not Detroit, who?

Shaq in his prime - one of the most dominate players at his position ever

Yao now..since Shaq is older and not in the physical shape he once was

Is it over for Dallas and Mr. MVP?

What about 'em? are we picking teams for dodgeball? Then I pick Yao cause he's skinnier.

What year did nba players stop wearin those tight *** shorts?

shaq, more dominant and one of the most dominant centers of our last 2 decades, would take him at any age

Should i keep playing basketball even tho i'm fat?

Shaq, he is so dominant, he can't be stopped, shaq has 4 rings & yoa has 0. u do the math. c'mon guys

Is LeBron better than Kobe?


When is the next Warriors game?

yoa!! is better.

What is the whole basketball poll after the tournaments?

Right now, Yao. Shaq's closer to heading off into the sunset than most people think -- he won't let himself be one of those 40-year-olds who can't seem to retire.

Back when he was in his prime, though, Shaq was dominant in a way Yao will never be. Yao is an All-Star and deserves to be, but for awhile, Shaq changed the game.

The Mavs lost the series to the warriors. What did the mavs do wrong?

Yao. Shaq can't shoot the ball. Shaq in his prime was as good as anybody, with the exceptions of Chamberlain and Kareem. Yao's looking like he could be better than Shaq ever was.

Would You Have Sex With Candace Parker?

I have never been a big Shaq fan. Yeah the guy is dominating in the post...just because hes huge! He cant put the ball on the floor very well...and hes a terrible foul shooter. Ive always liked centers who were athletic...could put the ball on the floor...and shoot jump shots (the dream!) Shaq doesnt shoot jump shots!! Only little baby hooks.

Why u given dallas hell , when miami got swept and there the champs?

well theres a huge age difference that is relly the key decider. yao is 3 inches taller than shaq but shaq was the most vicious and without a doubt the worst threat in the paint wen he was in his prime. no center should be 350 pounds thats bigger than an nfl line man. and yao ming is jus a little over 240 and yao doesn play that aggresivley anyway. so tell me if u had to box out a guy who was a hundred pounds heavier than u how easy do u think it would be? yao has a better shot but cant finish lik shaq can. or scare ppl. so yao can block u but most sane players dont even attempt to takin at shaq because he jus goes up and fouls u not even goin for the ball. so his presence over yaos is much more intimidating. so id take shq in his prime over yao in his prime.

Kobe loses Shaq and he can't even get out of the 1st round and he takes terrible shots in the 4th. Disagree?

Im am a Yao fan but I am going to have to eat my pride and say Shaq.

Shaq is the most dominating center in his prime. Yao can never be as dominating as that. If Shaq in his prime was playing Yao in his prime, Yao's going to get injured. Though Shaq's shooting skills are not even as close to being good as Yao's, Shaq is more tougher, plays more aggressively, and can play defense. Yao needs some toughness and needs to stop playing like like Deion Sanders in football. You know how Yao can be better than Shaq? Yao's game can improve to the level of Hakeem Olajuwon in his prime. Man he would be awesome. Hakeem was defensive player of the year 2x, Yao is never going do that but if he can, then I can say that he is better than Shaq. But all Yao is is an offensive player. He forgot the center's role is also to play defense in the inside and grab some boards.

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