Am I your Favorite User who Slam dunk over you??


What is the best fight in NBA history?


Go Cavs!.. Well who is it Cavs or Pistons?

Your the biggest LOSER in the world. What a freaking LOSER bye LOSER boy !!!

What is the time of the live telecast of the Spurs and Suns game? Philippine time!! URGENT!?


K-man let me hit you with some info, the KKK is a coward group who are just like the AL-queda group in Iraq who cowardly run around causing chaos with there faces covered like ruthless punks. Why cause all this hurt upon other people who mind there own business and cause no trouble, so i guess your shameless so you have to cover up you face so people won't know who you are during the day that's pitiful, why don't you just straighten up you life you do something useful on this earth besides cause trauma and heartache.

NBA PLayoffs tickets?

you suck whitey whitey white trash an tator

im not even black im hispainic

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