Anyone getting bored of hearing bball "fans" talking about how boring the Spurs are?

The only thing that makes it seem boring for some is that in Spurs games ur not going to see Kobe score 80pts against them, ur not going to see pt. guards slashing to the hoop at will. Ur not going to have a Spurs player score more than 35, and the high scorer from night to night could be 1 of several players. What u see is a clinic. They know who they have to contain (not stop, contain) and they make every team earn their points for 4 quarters. They distribute the ball, look for weak spots and then attack. With Stoudemire and Diaw out in Game 5, the Spurs did what they had to do to win...nothing more, nothing less. In Game 6, they did what they had to do to win again. Phoenix is a great team. The Spurs are a seasoned one. The next time anyone is groaning because there's no flash, look closely at the Spurs (especially defensively) and try to appreciate what they're doing to make these teams look vulnerable. Their opposition does, but they still haven't cracked the code.


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The ppl that think the Spurs are boring must be blind. Did you see the game where Manu outscored Atlanta? How about that Spurs-Lakers game in Janurary? These are only a few examples that sohw the Spurs are not a boring team. In fact, they're prolly one of the most exciting teams in the league! With 3 championships, the Spurs know how to entertain everyone.

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The Spurs are kool! They just need new uniforms. I think they've had those since....1989?

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Oh, hell yes.I'm not bored, but I am a ninity year old librarian

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I am bored of seeing the Spurs the way I heard San Antonio is a total dump/ghetto/heap.

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spurs are not boring! they're the best team in the NBA

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I agree with you, the Spurs are not a boring u said just because there is not a lot of flash people call them old and boring. Yea we might be the oldest team by average age in the League, but our experience shows!! That is why we won Game 5. Yea we were down like 15 or 20points in the 2nd quarter, and it looked like it would be a blowout, but we came back and won, why? Because we never give up! I watch every Spurs game, and I love their Deffense, best in the league. I do aprreciate there deffense, that is what gets us our wins! Because of our deffense and our run in the 3rd Quarter, that is why we won Game 6. Go Spurs Go!!!

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boring but effective...

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