Any NBA team in history that actually sweep the playoff without losing?


Game 2 predictions? scores.?

the Shaq/Kobe lakers went 15-1 (losing the finals opener to AI's 76ers), and the Sixers (12-1) with dr J and Moses Malone the finals MVP(who said fo-fo-fo (4-4-4)) actually they went 4-0, 4-1 (losing one to Milwaukee) and 4-0 sweeping the lakers

Do you think that the miami heat will win chmapionship a gin and y?

it's never happened before

i believe there are two teams that only lost 1 game on their way to the title

Anyone interested in a dunk contest?

No the 2001 Lakers were 15-1 the best record ever the '83 sixers were 13 -1

MJ IS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER, but is he righteous??

No, teams have come close, but no team has ever won all their games in the playoffs. A few years back, the Lakers only lost 1 or 2 and I believe that was the closest any team has come to going undefeated in the playoffs.

Will anybody ever be as great as Bill Russell?

the bulls. i forget wich year though

Jason kidd vs steve nash? record...Lakers2001---15/1

OK Warrior fans time to wake up. There will be no partying for Conference Finals. Ok?

well the heat in the 2005 playoffs swept the 1st 2 rounds of the eastern confrence beating washington and new jersey, then later they lost to the detroit pistons and the pistons advanced to the finala loosing to the san antinio spurs

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