..What team has most potential???

what team do you expect to dominate the playoffs??


Detroit Pistons tonight or Orlando?

PHOENIX SUNS!! they're gonna go all the way =D yay! GO PHOENIX!! <-- they're my fav team =D lolz i'm sooo addicted =D i totally think that they're gonna dominate the playoffs. =P

Is Jazz better than Spurs?

I would say the Phoenix Suns.

Do you think Kobe is getting it on with Tony Parker's future wife?

The Mavs there not cocky or loss it when there losing

I missed Game 4 of the Utah-Houston series. What were some keys as to Utah winning by so much?

The Bulls do the mavs look like there going down and the suns don't play defense so there not gonna win.

Pistons or bulls?

I thought the Mavericks would take it all, but I think Chicago is looking better and better. I never would have thought they would go 3 up over Miami of all teams!! I live in Cleveland so of course am rooting for the Cavs, but if they have to play Chicago at some point, I think they'll be done.

Dallas Mavericks?

The Bulls have the most potential, as for domination, I think we have to wait to see who advances to round 2.

In response to the girl that posted that the Mavs don't lose it when they are losing, did you see the game last night? The headline should have been "Mavs meltdown in Golden State". They received multiple techs for mouthing off to the refs. Turnabout is fair play.

Who do you think is better. Lebron James or D-wade?

Bulls...the 90s Bulls has awaken..

Best blocker ever?


Who thought the morris peterson hail mary on march 30 against the wizards was awesome?

I am fan of the Spurs, but right now I would have to say the Bulls have the most potential and the Suns will win it all.

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