50 games into the season the Lakers were 30-20 and 4th in the West. What happened to them?

Does anyone know?


These Questions we ask ourselve is Common Sense, Just Like The Fact That Kobe Bryant is Obviously The Best?

I know exactly what happened

Odom got injured, Kwame got injured, and what broke the back was Walton got injured.

That's 3 starters out for extended games as it wasn't just a few games but each missed double digit games this year and the lakers lost like 13 of 15 or something crazy when Luke was out and for most of that stretch others were hurt as well.

Try taking 60% of a starting line up out including your top rebounder, top post defender, and top 2 distributers on a team

then they had to play themselves back into game shape and they didn't return when they were 100% either.

injuries hurt the team big time and they never recovered

If Las Vegas gets to have a NBA team what should they be called?

It's called Injuries.

Which NBA player has played highschoolball, college ball.?

uhh lets see. Kobe became the sole provider of points, lamar was inconsistent and injured, everyone else sucks, further explanation not needed.

If the Timberwolves don't give their pick to the Clippers this year, do they ever have to?

They went to the Playoffs- and forgot they were in them! :)

Umm is anyone still watching the nets game?

they are still not a 100% this year from injury , trust me next year they are gonna be way better full with energy

I need a crossover that will work efectively?

i juss finished watching game 2 of lakers vs phoenix, where suns just crushed every aspect of that game. man im not even a kobe fan but i cudnt help but feel sorry for him cuz i no hes a great player and to see him go down so helpless. They really gotta get this guy sum better players. like foh realll, parker cant do *, they dont have a good distributor, odom pretty much takes care of everything else except the scoring. walton hasnt been the same...they got absolutely pounded today

How many career points does Shaq have; OUTSIDE the paint?

I believe Cook was injured sometime between the All-star break and playoffs, and of course, Mr. Extreme Sport Vlad Rad. Not to mention the ever-injured Mihm.

Injuries piled up. Chemistry died. Kobe had to make up for the lack of cohesion.

Why can't the Lakers get passed the 1st round if Phil Jackson was really a difference maker?

they got to confident and kobe became a ball hog again. everyboby else on the team started to wnat to become the star of the team.

Who would win in their prime..Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant ?

Kobe happened.......

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