After a very poor rookie performance, does JJ Redick deserve his College Player of the Year award?

Question:Is it true that there was lobbying by Duke alums so he can
get the award last year over Morrison & Roy?


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He was all that he was supposed to be in college, but the NBA is so much different than college. There isn't a NBA team without one superstar or one monster athlete on it. The defenders are so much better there as well. He's a banged up rookie so he wasn't expected to be rookie of the year. He's a shooter and once his confidence builds, he'll do better, but he deserved to be college player of the year. Hell, they was threatening to kill the boy for playing the way he did.

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Morrison hasn't exactly been anything special in the NBA either

it is However a COLLEGE basketball player of the year, based on performance in college not value to an NBA team.

No one really picked Redick to have an impact in the NBA as he isn't athletic enough, fast enough, or smart enough for the NBA level.

He was however able to shine at the college level which is what the award was for.

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Yes, he deserves the COLLEGE player of the year. It's not the "going to have the best rookie season in the NBA" award. That's the same idea as taking away Jason White's Heisman Trophy because he never played a down in the NFL. Just because someone's skills didn't translate to the pro level right away doesn't meant that they didn't deserve awards they recieved in college.

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First of all, there will always be lobbying by alums, especially when it comes to Duke. And, although neither Redick nor Morrison have done anything in the pros, you can't take away an award for what they did in college based on their pro careers. Otherwise Eric Crouch would have his Heisman taken away and given to one of the other candidates that year (maybe LT, Drew Brees, Michael Vick?). JJ Redick had a great season and earned the award. Besides, Brandon Roy will end up winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award, something I would personally much rather have.

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First, your "poor performance" is not based on stats. You based it strictly on playing time. His performance has not been "poor".

Second, this year's Heisman Trophy winner may not even make it in the pros. There have been some tremendous college players who failed to make an impact in the pros in all sports. That in no way lessens their college dominance or awards they received.

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He need time 2 adjust...wait next season..

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This is very unfair judging his performance at the college level and his first season in the NBA.

JJ at the college level is the best free throw shooter and the leading scorer in ACC history.He is a lights-out shooter that can kill you with his threes.He was the focal point for Duke constantly making big shots,he did deserve to win the award no doubt about that.

His rookie season performance didnt mean he sucks or anything but just think about it he only gets limited playing time but when he does he contributes well fot the team.Yes he may not be physically gifted,hey may not be athletic nor quick enough to match other players athleticism in the NBA but he has skills that can make him do well in the league,and that is his 3 point and free throw shooting.I probably think that he was drafted by a team that doesnt mesh well wtih his game.I honestly think he doesnt fit in with the Magic.Put him in lets just say with the Suns and he wuld score much more points than his average thsi season.The Magic arent even giving him playing time.They couldve used his shooting right now against the pistons.

And oh.Duke players didnt lobby to get him the award,he definitely earned it in a tight race with Morrison.Roy was a far choice to win the award anyway, it was just a two man race between JJ and Adam.

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