Any one know were i get some blue Jordan xx for under 80$?

ankle strap


How good will cleveland do in playoffs?

you can't get XX's for under $100

Who is the best player out of T-Mac,Kobe,LeBron,Carmelo,AI,Ben Gorden, Vince Carter?

a. they were never made in blue. the colors made were white with a white/red strap, white with a black strap, and black with a black strap, so any blue ones you find are fakes, unless you are talking about some sort of player exclusive model, which will run you substantially more than $80
b. they retailed for either $125 or $150, so you won't find them for $80

Has a defending NBA chamption ever been swept in the first round of the following playoffs?

try foot locker online on there all you have to so is tipe xx under keyword section when i looked it up i saw on sale at Clarence for 79.99 it could not be on sell now but you should check it out trust me I have a pair

Can You seriously tell me Dirk Nowitzki deserves MVP after how much he's been strugglin in the playoffs?


Who should the LA Lakers select with the #19 pick?

Try footlocker on line or go to Ebay.
Another way to get a good deal,it's in memorial day during the big sale event.

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