Ok I know KG wanted Allen iverson and know AI wanted 2 go to Denver and KG seem's unhappy you think it would be cool if KG,MELO and AI,)On the same team would be cool?


Who is number two on the nba all-time career playoff scoring list.?

That would be the best team but i think no question there would be some jealousy of who wants to be the franchise player.

But this is never gonna happen.

Where all those spurs fan now who say that the spurs are not dirty?

that would be 5 championships in a row
but it wont happen beacuse of luxuary tax

Who is the most hated team in the NBA?

not enuff balls to go around

Will the suns trade shawn marion in the offseason?

the only way i could see it working is if KG accepted a diminished role and deferred to Carmelo like AI is doing. Otherwise, there wouldn't be enough balls to go around. If it worked, it would be amazing.

Good ideas for signs to take to the Pistons playoffs game?

yes but what about kmart and nene

What's your favorite single this year?

thinking about that is giving me nightmares

Is there a web-site that shows all Former San Antonio Spurs Players?

I don't think they need another scorer. They need defense and a passing point guard. They should trade J.R Smith and a 2008 1st round pick for somone like Barbosa or Jason williams. Then bump up AI to the shooting guard and get a center or power forward as agreseve and who Denis Rodaman

Now that the Warriors will face the Jazz, they're sure to reach the Conference Finals?


Lakers... Tanking Games?

KG will op out and either go to LA or New York
J.O'Neil and Ron Artest will go to NY and KG might need to go to LA-LA land.

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