Anyone know how to watch the Pistons - Cavs game in Canada?

I know TNT has the game in the States, but Rogers doesn't carry it, and I can't find a Canadian station with the feed.


Who will win tonights game 5 series?


Who here thinks that refs should get apreciated for their work?

Try a sports bar somewhere. They should have it.

Which player has the most playoff appearances but NOT made it to the NBA Finals?

You could go to a sports bar (make sure its not for baseball or hockey since you live in canada)

you can follow the scores here

I bet the finnals will be broadcasted up there at least.

Michael jordan shoes?

I know some folks in Toronto; Montreal ; Winnipeg who have dish network and they see "Yankee" programming off their dish. Yea they have an account in the states via a mailbox with a "Yankee" address EH!

This should be the upcoming team playing for USA Basketball in FIBA...can you come up with a better one?

use the internet they have sites u can watch it live from.

How can I improve my quickness for basketball?

Haha. You live in Canada. Forget about basketball and play your real sport up Then again Steve Nash is Canadian.

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