"little" romeo playin for usc? gimme a break..?

not to hate or anything, but the kid looks like a clown to think he can play college ball. first of all, his rapping/acting career couldn't possible give him enough time to practice basketball seriously, and high school guards like jeffrey jordan, corey fisher, or jai lucas would crush him into dust. wut's ur opinion?


Do you think any team can score against this defensive nba team?

Apparently he has got some skills. His AAU team went to the National Championships and he was MVP of Michael Jordan's basketball camp. They said NBA players Marbury and Francis say he has incredible ball handling skills. He's got it natural. His dad, Master P, almost made the Charlotte Hornets.

Who is the best NBA player of all time ??

Big dreams for one with so little talent.

Pistons or Spurs?

He's going on a basketball team?!?!?!? Wow.

Was joe jellybean bryant a good player?

Yeah, he played against some real competion at Beverly Hills High school.

This a just a rumor, and if he somehow made the team, there would be no chance he would be starting.

How is 81 points with 2 assist is better then 69 points, 18 REBOUNDS, 6 assist, & 4 steals?

Everybody has dreams

Which NBA team has the best sportsmanship?

I don't think I would ever question the scouting skills of Tim Floyd. If Floyd thinks highly enough of him to offer him a scholarship then he must be pretty good.

Also, think of the money in his family. He's probably had top of the line personal trainers and coaches since a young age. And every recruiting website has him in the top 200.

Should we Trade KG?

He decided to put aside his rapping/acting career while he plays for USC. Also, if you watched the Celebrity All-Star Game, then you would've seen that he was definitely the best player out there. I know it's hard to believe, but the kid's got game. He had some amazing cross-overs in that Celebrity All-Star game and I agree with what B-Love said; he has incredible ball handling skills.

He's better than most people think. He probably won't be an all-star at the college level and he probably won't be good enough to even be considered as a legit NBA player, but he's definitely got enough game to play in college.

I thought it was crazy too until I remembered how he played in the Celebrity All-Star game. I guess we can just wait and see how good he'll be at the college level.

How do I practice my follow-through inside my house at night?

He's been playing all his life. He played AAU and he went to Belaire High School where he averaged 13 points 5 assists per game. I think his celebrity status had something to do with him getting a full ride scholarship, but the kid can play,

Need improvement?

Trust me if it wasn't for his name USC would've never enrolled him. And he'll probaly start because of his name.

76ers a contender next year?

I bet he will be on USC's team, but more likely on the bench or on the practice squad. He is good no doubt about that, but now USC has national talent which will make it difficult for a decent player to play, especially being a small guard. Its not like he would need a sports scholarship to attend USC anyway.

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