ALLEN IVERSON got his nuggets ONE!!bye bye spurs...?

i only wish i was THAT confident!


NBA playoffs//finals?

Allen Iverson is sooooooo sexy..."drools"...That is why they call him the answer:)

Whos the hottest guy in Ohio?


Why all of a sudden, everbody is a golden state warriors fan and wearing their jerseys and stuff?

Yes, believe it or not, i eat babies on my canadian unicycle too.

What do you think? pistons bulls?


(Spurs fan)

Who thinks the Utah Jazz have a chance to win the series against the Houston Rockets?

maybe they could say byebye spurs but spurs still have a chance and nuggets must becareful.

Why such the outcry over the lack of African americans in MLB what about whites in the NBA?

maybe but the have to win the first 2 games to have a chance
if it goes 6 7 games then no

Who are the NBA's 10 greatest "Big Men" of all time.?

yer me too. my mate and i want the round b4 the championship to be suns and denver. so we can watch it on foxtel

Who Will Win The Next NBA Championship?

Iverson and the UNSTOPPABLE INVINCIBLE SU Grad Carmelo, will eviscerate those fools.

Nobody, but nobody can defend Carmelo.

Do you think that the Suns will send a scrub player after Tony Parker?

GO NUGGETS!!! esp. iverson WOO!! dont hate, congratulate

What happened to all the GSW fans?


If Mark Cuban would get rid of Finley, Nash, what is the likelihood that Jason Terry will be sticking around?

idk y but the spurs suck now they r losing to the sorry teams like memphis. but hopefully the nuggets will beat them, i am not a big fan of nuggets more of a mavs fan, but i want the nuggets to at leat make it to the 2nd round.

Would the NBA playoffs be better if the first round was only a five game-series?

HAHAHA did all you Nuggets and Warrior Fans forget this are 7 game series i hope you enjoyed it cause this is the best you will see your team.

Whats a good way to break a jumping workout plateau?

Perhaps you are reeling now Nugget fans, but I seem to remember a very like scenerio not too long ago. Nuggets win 1st game of series then fall (go home) losing 4 strait to none other than the S P U R S . Go ahead and give me a thumbs down but this is true. BYE nuggets, nice try.

Hey!..I know...How about..Which New York Knick Player was known as "Satan" and "The Braided One"?

You have to got to be kidding me. Its a 7 game series this is NOT the first time that the spurs have lost game one of a series. Sometimes they start off a series the way they did game 1 and then adjust. I've been watching their playoff runs since abour 2002 losing game one of a best of 7 series is not unfamiliar to them.

Who are the better, louder fans: Los Angeles (LA, L.A.) Lakers fans, or Golden State (GS, G.S.) Warriors fans?

I think the Nuggets can beat the Spurs cause Iverson is the greatest!

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