2 questions (Who likes ronny turiaf ?) and who thinks lamar odom should become an allstar?

Question:I just think hes something else, hes such a fantastic player he bring soo much energy into the game and plays D well he gaurded amare very well the other few night ago, and he cheers his team up. Hes been knockin down those midrange shots too.

anyone think lamar should become a allstar ? He so versatile when he goes to the basket for a 7 footer well... hes 6,11 but close enough, he can shoot the ball very well. Hopefully next year he will become more agressive and healthier without injuries.


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Where the hell would we be without Ronny...he is not just a energetic person, he's a baller too!

He shut down Amare the other night BY HIMSELF! So its not like he's there just to cheer them up *ahem mark madsen ahem*

I think Lamar would've been an allstar if it wasn't for that injury...he was fillin the stat sheet like crazy was an impact player on both offense and defense.iono why they don't post him up against smaller guys and give him isos at the top of the key to drive on big guys and get to the hoop, drive and kick or just run the offense.

Remember last year, Odom totally outplayed Marion in the playoffs? Marion had minimal impact on the game!

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I like Ronny Turiaf. He is a good player who has an uncanny ability to hustle for the ball. He will do what he is told by his leaders. I think Ronny is a hard-working player. Expect him to be a force to be reckoned with a couple of seasons from now.
Lamar Odom is a talented, all-around player. He can do it all. I think injury has been a problem for Odom the past few seasons. I expect Lamar to be a force when he is 100%. I definitely think that Odom is long overdue of an all-star position. If Caron Butler made it to the team, Odom certainly can.

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ronny turaif is alright and im not hoping 4 a trade or anything in that matter but if lamar odom gets traded to a team like the knicks or the bobcats he will be an all star but on the bench

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Ronny Turiaf is the most Athletic guy on the team, other then Bryant and Evans. As for Odom, I would like to see him dealt in a trade for Garnett or Camby.

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you are absolutely right, ronny is a GREAT player and could easily be 6th man of the year i think!! statistics don't mean anything for him, just his presence means so much.. he might be the 3rd most important player on our team (behind lamar and that one other guy, the name will come to me) and lamar odom should def. be an allstar, he is the only player of his size that can get a rebound, dribble down the court at full speed, than finish with the left hand layup!!

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turiaf is a great young energy player. i really like odom, he has mad skills, very versatile, but not always aggressive enough.

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Yall must b 4rm Cali?I hate to tell u but Turiaf sucks.He was a good college player but now he just a energy guy off da bench that plays about 8 damn minutes a game (if that).Odom can b a allstar if he wants 2but he just dont got that desire 2 just take over and do that.

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i LOVE ronny! i have a great amount of respect for that man because of what he's been able to achive after that miraculous recovery from his open heart surgery. he's such a great player and from what i can tell, he looks like a great person too. i always get excited when he comes off the bench because he brings in so much energy to the team and plays with a lot of intensity and heart. he's also very talented so give it a few years and he could very well be starter material and maybe even a future all-star. i love this guy! =)

oh and about odom... he really should be an all-star. if he can stay healthy. its kind of like baron davis from the warriors... he should be an all-star too but like odom the nagging injuries sort of prevent that from happening.

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