Am I the only one who thinks Tim Duncan sucks?


This Warrior fad is now over!?

Honestly i don't like him, but i wouldn't say he sucks, in fact he is one of the better power forewards out there and to say he sucks is just a lie

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Yes he's the best center in the NBA

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Probably not but I totally disagree with you. He is one of the best power forwards ever.

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he does kind of, but no he is not the best center or power forward in the NBA. the best power forward is Dirk. and he has the shots and blocks. but he doesnt suck. he might in some games but not all the time.

Here is the lakers trade and new lineup for next season. who's with me?

If he were on another team, then I would have said he sucks. But right now, he's pretty good.

Warriors nba championship??

I don't know if he sucks but he is so boring to watch. Poor Spurs fans.

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Nope, I think he sucks too. In my opinion, he is the most overrated player in the western conference. If he is as good as people say he is, he should be scoring 100 points a game...yes, he is that overrated.

Who's to blame for the Lakers loisng in the Playoffs?

well first of all I don't think he sucks because I know he sucks. He is a disgrace to the NBA since he is just outstandingly boring as a player and brings nothing to the table. HE is just a dull person and doesn't have that fire that an NBA player needs.

Why are all the whiney lil cavs fans complaining about the no calls in game 2?

Yeah... I totally agree... Tim Duncan sucks, man... I mean, three championships in the past seven years... how boring! I'd much rather root for Dirk "The Choker" Nowitzki, or Steve "I'm the best pg in the NBA, but still haven't won championship" Nash... They rock!

Do you think Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki both auditioned for the lead roles in 'Brokeback Mountain'?

No, you're not I only one who thinks so. Duncan is one of the most boring and least interesting players I've ever seen. That said, he's so consistent that his production rarely deviates far from twenty points and eleven rebounds. You could argue that Tim is the great power forward ever, but his strongest claim to that title is that he's won the league's most prestigious award three times. Michael Jordan is the only player who's won NBA final MVP more times than Duncan's three. You could argue that Duncan is overrated, but he certainly does not suck.

Show me your top 5 nba basketball players that are plaing in the season 2006 2007 AND SHOW ME THE substituion

i disagree man.. he might be the most boring basketball player i've ever seen... but he's good... man, championshipS? reggie miller, ewing, etc would kill to get one.. hmmm... although come to think of it, steve kerr also has multiple championships.. does that make him a good player? LOL!

Is part of the reason that Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki never won a championship because they can't play D?

he is got big eyes and big mouth for sure

Anyone heard from? Ricky Donell Minard Jr?

You guys are hi-larious. A player is boring and not flashy so he must suck? That's what makes him so great. He continues to go out on a nightly basis and make things look easy. He is as good with his back to basket as there is in the NBA.

He will be in the hall of fame.

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Yes you are. I am not a fan but I have to admit that it takes ALOT of talent and hard work to get all those off the glass shots to be so perfect and he ain't that bad of a defender either.

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Does anyone know if Derrick Fisher was the Lakers player who used to wear the yellow goggles?, but I have no idea why people hate him. He is the most consistent PF in the NBA and a great team leader. Oh, and he has won a couple of NBA championships. I'd say he's been pretty successful.

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no.he really SUCKS!!.honestly he's doing good statistically but he cannot bring out the excitement in the fans because he's a very boring player to watch...

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Average fans who watch NBA games would find Duncan boring. Why? Because he plays solid, fundamental basketball that wins ball games, not flashy 65 game performances that end in losses. If you played the sport, you could appreciate what he brings to a ball club. He is also quite the comical character, if you see him behind scenes.

Who will be in the NBA finals?

3 Rings how do you explain that if he sucks, he's the only spurs player left since 1999 when they won their first NBA championship and winning two more with different players around him, proving that he's the soul of this team.

Doesn't Nelly remind you of another coach that had a falling out with his former team?

yes cuz u suck tim duncan is good so * off **

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