Anybody see the Spurs-Mavs game?

What is Joey Crawford's problem? Duncan says it's a vendetta and he's not known to whine.Thoughts?


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Duncan was just laughin'. He didn't hurt anyone or harm anyone. How the hell was he ejected!?

Watch NBA playoffs live on a Mac?

I saw the game and I think JC has a pole up his ***. That ejection was total b.s.
Where did you read/hear about Duncan's comments? I'm anxious to get the reaction also, esp. from Popovich.

Who was, if ever, number 99 on the LA Lakers?

haha I admit that that was a terrible call and I hate Tim Duncan I call him Tim "dooshbag" uncan. I curse at him and call him names but thought he got majorly shafted with the call. yeah it must have been a personal vendetta.

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I watched and i think JC was being stupid because Duncan was on the bench when he was ejected and JC was a good 10-15 yards away i think refs (by the way im a soccer ref so i would know) use their power in mostly human ways humans have too much pride and we just want to show dominance
JC showed off his power by ejecting a player basically because he could i think the first T on him was worse than the ejection i think that first tech was a load and i mean a big load of BS!
but im a mavs fan so i aint complaining

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Joey crawford is known to be one of the worst refs in the history of the NBA. The ESPN announcers were just being nice saying he's one of the oldest.

He was involved with the game 5 farce of the nba finals last year. The guy is on a serious power trip.

on top of that he was convicted of fraud and tax evasion by downgrading his NBA 1st class seats and pocketing the money and never reporting it.

he got fired, then he got rehired after a year. Just ridiculous.

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Very interesting. I think Crawford is full of himself. However, Timmy Duncan asked for it by engaging in contact that got him his first tech. He should have been smarter and more careful.

Kobe Bryant?

dam it i forgot :( what happened??

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where did you see duncan saying its a vandetta?
i suggest suspending him from some games if he did
earlier when phil jackson said there is a vandetta to kobe he got fined and his team got fined

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Joey Crawford gives out techs like they're going out of style. That 2nd tech on Duncan was just wrong.

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hmm tlak about it was a joke. and for God sake its a teenage drama problem! deal with it.

Why do they not anounce all the awards at the sam e time.?

ha that was funny. u know whats funnier.. u said duncan is not known to whine. haha he whines every 3 seconds

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Duncan is famous for whinning!

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Duncan whines quite a bit, but I always thought he was still a pretty reserved player compared to some players.

Some of those calls were not okay.
The second technical on Duncan was uncalled for.
And I'm a Mavs fan
But Howard should have got the call when he ran into Oberto.
That was crazyy

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