2007 NBA Playoffs and Finals?

Question:East Finals: Detroit over Cleveland in 6
West Finals: Dallas over Phoenix in 7

2007 NBA Finals- Dallas over Detroit in 7


Am I not right that Jazz will eliminate the warriors soon?

Right now the Cavs and Pistons can't be in the East finals together. The Cavs are in 5th so the Cavs and Pistons will meet up on the second round again unless the Cavs can get above the Bulls for 2nd seed. If the Cavs do get 2nd seed you can expect to see us in the finals

Jazz are in the western finals. Who will they play?

east finals: Chicago over Detroit in 6
west finals: Phoenix over Dallas in 7

2007 nba finals: chicago over pheonix in 7

(((((((roni26 your predictions suck!))))))))))

Do you think that the mavs will win the series?

Unless Cleveland gets 2nd seed away from Chicago the Pistons won't be seeing them in the conference final. These 2 could meet in the semifinals though if they beat Miami. I think Detroit would beat them in 6. Then go on and beat Chicago in 6. Now I'm not sure I think the Mavs will make the finals I think San Antonio could beat both them and the Suns. So..
East Finals: Detroit over Chicago in 6
West Finals: San Antonio over Dallas in 7

2007 NBA Finals- Detroit over San Antonio in 7

Could i make it in the WNBA?

either pho or sa will beat dall

so I got SA over Chi 4-2

and toronto will be in the conf finals if my format is accurate

Who am i???/?

Come on...Clevelands not going to be even closer to that eastern Conferrence finals now that they are in the 5th seed.They have to go against Miami and Detroit...The Bulls are really good struggling to get that 2nd seed from Cleveland..Go bulls

Can some one tell me more about hologram collectible cards from the NBA?

East Finals: Cleveland over Detorite
West Finals: Phoenix over Dallas

2007 Nba Finals - Phoenix over Cleveland

Suns win all

Would you like to see the NBA go overseas into Europe and Asia? And do you think it will?

That's a good prediction. I'd have to say Miami and Detroit go at it in the east though. Maybe Detroit over Miami in 6.

What do you think of the Cavs and Lebron sweep of the depleted wizards? Was it imppressive and convincing?

pistons over miami in 5
spurs over mavs in 7
spurs over pistons in 4.count em 4!!

eastern conference is so much weaker!

Of the remaining teams in the NBA playoffs which one is best?

Knicks - Sacremento

Knicks in 5

This is a weird question but...?

Detroit over Chicago in 5
SAS over Mavs in 6

SAS over Detroit in 6


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