1 on 1? from these two guys?

jrich from the warriors n josh howard from the mavs.


If you could change any rule in the NBA to make the game more exciting to watch, what rule what you change?

Jrich would be my pick, hes fast, and hes more athletic then Josh is. Although i would like to see that match up lol.

Will dee brown become a big star in the near future for the nba?

Jason Richardson will kick Josh Howard's ***! He is much too athletic and talented for Howard to handle.

Whats a Hand Check?

J rich, he's a better 3 point shooter, he's quicker, and he's a great inyofayz dunkah!

Who is more wrong in this situation, Tim Duncan or Joe Crawford?

Im a warriors fan so i hate to say this but Josh would win. He is an inch taller and gets a little over one rebound him on average. Steals and blocks the ball more. LastlyJosh's stats show that he is a better percentage shooter at field goals, free throws and three points. If watched closely J rich rarely gets to the hoop himself, he mainly gets his points off fast breaks or good passes. Yet i think the warrriors are going to take the Mavs at home on game 6.

Is the Iverson in lakers now?

Jason Richardson would dominate no question about it. He has a much better range of where he can shoot. He can it anywhere and is so quick that Howard would not be able to stop him anywher eon the court.


jason richardson

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