>>Cavaliers Fan<< Who Thinks Lebron James Will {RISE UP}?

All over i keep hearing, the Cavaliers are gonna loose against the Pistons.. ESPN etc .Etc ..Let me know your thoughts...please


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Heck yeah baby. Cavs gonna take it home. LeBron is going to average 30 points, 8 assits and 8 rebounds. LeBron is a beast. Gonna win NBA finals MVP. Go LeBronnnnnnnnnnnn

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Lebron James is good but not GOOD ENOUGH! Detroit Pistons are going to rip them apart. Tayshaun Prince has more experience them him in the playoffs so detroit is unstoppable.

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Unlike Kobe which blames his teams mis fortunes
by saying he does not have good players around him
King James has a good reason to say so. He does not.
If anyone can life the team up its King James.
He was the MVP of the NBA this season, not Dirk.
That said, I think he only has a 20% chance of beating
the Pistons by himself. SO he will RISE UP, his team mate
will try and help, but affriad odd are against him.
I do want to see him win however.

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I think that Lebron James will give it all hes got because he came this far and he doesn't want it to end here but i Still think that the Pistons will win because there a good offensive and defensive team while the Cavaliers dont have much talent except for Lebron James. So who evers got more heart will win and go on to the finals.

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He** ya baby, the cavs are going all the way... they don't call LeBron the King for nothing!!

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Lebron does not care about winning, just give him a paycheck!

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They DO call him King for NOTHING! What has he won? He's a really good player but he has no team to help him. The Pistons are going to tear him a new one.

Ok, I'm hurt for thinking that J.J. Redick was evil just cuz he played for Duke!?

I think the Cavs have a chance...they always play the pistons tough.plus they DO have playoff experience against them last year. Which did go 7 games and the cavs could have pulled that off if they could have got a rebound at the end of the game. This series will go 6 or 7. Its going to be great! Lebron needs help! If he gets it they will win.

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